Volunteers plant 65 new trees at Dane Valley Woods

Volunteers turn out for the tree planting day Photo by Photography With Evangeline

Forty volunteers turned out today (January 30) to plant 65 native trees at Dane Valley Woods.

Margate café and store Curve Roasters raised the money to buy the trees and then closed the shop for the day so all the staff could join the planting.

The Dane Valley Woods group is a volunteer-led project in Margate, growing and maintaining the 13 acre woodland on a former landfill site, for the enjoyment of the residents.

Photo by Photography With Evangeline

A Dane Valley Woods spokesperson said: “All the volunteers worked very hard and enjoyed themselves immensely on a fine winter’s morning.

“The trees were a wide mix of native species including wayfaring, spindle, field maple and a first for the woods – a sessile oak. They were sourced as English grown to minimise the risk of importing pests and diseases.

Photo by Photography With Evangeline

“It was our first tree plant since February 2020. All trees were mulched and we will be going back to help them every last Sunday of the month. We have been planting trees at Dane Valley Woods for almost 20 years, and this fledgling woodland on a former landfill is reaping benefits for wildlife – over 230 species have been recorded so far.

“Further plans include creating glades, installing seating, and creating new habitats for wildlife.”

To find out more or get involved visit the group’s facebook page and Instagram, email [email protected] or check out the website at www.danevalleywoods.org


    • I’ve always thought Manston would make a good woods….. Could be the largest woods in Kent, open it as a park with the tag line ‘Manston Forest:The lungs of Kent’…

  1. Well done. Such a shame that Thanet District Council are withdrawing permissions and forbidding other groups in Thanet from doing the same.

    Last week TDC withdrew permission for 500 trees to be planted at Northdown Park after the voluntary group there had bought the saplings.

    Elsewhere they are sabotaging progress on a community orchard.

    A cynic might think they wanted the land for a cosy housing deal.

  2. Please please will someone water those seedlings ……?….for them to survive and get their roots down they will need watering every day between May and Septber for the next 2 years…..or let’s hope there is a very wet spring and summer…

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