Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins to complete mum’s Sands Challenge 13 walk in memory of his brother

Wilfred with Sabrina and his favourite Percy Pig setting out for the fundraising walk

Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins is walking four miles to raise funds for Sands – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity – today (January 29).

Wilfred,accompanied by his favourite ‘Percy Pig’ and friend Sabrina Ryan with son Lyon, are completing the Sands challenge 13, to walk 13 miles, started by Wilfred’s mum Charlotte this month.

Charlotte was walking each day to complete her total in memory of her eldest son Jack who was born prematurely and sadly lived for just two hours. He would have turned 27 last month.

But, four miles short of her target, Charlotte was struck down with covid.

Wilfred, 25, decided to step up and make sure the walk in his brother’s memory was completed.

Wilfred, who is autistic and hearing impaired, is well-known in Thanet due to his social media pages and his regular online ‘sign a day’ videos teaching others to understand sign language.

The animal-lover, who is a regular volunteer for a number of charities, said: “I am doing the walk to help Sands because my older brother Jack was born early and was lived for 2 hours when my parents sadly lost him.

Charlotte and Wilfred

“One of my dear adoptive grannies, Sue, suggested to me about this and I then spoke with my mum and she was so happy for me to do it to help the family out.

“I will be with my friend Sabrina Ryan and her son.”

Dentist receptionist Sabrina has been the driving force behind Westgate’s initiative to create ‘safe places’ for anyone who feels they are in danger and will join Wilfred to raise money for “a great cause.”

Mum Charlotte said: “I am very proud of him. He always tries to come home for Jack’s birthday on December22 and goes to baby loss candle lightings for his brother too.”

The duo are walking from Westgate to Margate.

Sands charity provides support to anyone affected by the death of a baby.

Find the fundraiser here