Ramsgate’s Celandine Hall is being offered on rental market

Celandine Hall (Image Miles & Barr)

The Celandine Hall in Ramsgate is on the rental market.

The hall is being marketed by Miles & Barr Commercial with a letting price of £65,000.

The four floor building, which offers 7,400sq ft of space, has undergone a full renovation, with the current vendors leaving the property as an empty shell.

Image Miles & Barr

Miles and Barr’s Commercial Manager Phil Hoskin said: “We are all absolutely delighted to be the chosen agent to market such a stunning and historical building in the heart of Ramsgate. The property offers an excellent opportunity for national and local businesses due to its close proximity to Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour and Marina. The property also boasts a wide variety of different uses under Class E including retail, restaurant and cafes, assembly and leisure, indoor sports, recreational or even fitness studio”.

The property, at 29-31 Harbour Street, is thought to have been a toy shop in the first half of the 1800s.

It then evolved into a drapers and gentleman’s outfitters in the late 1800s before being annexed by the growth of the Hyland, Lewis and Linon department store.

During this era the building undertook significant alterations. The rear of the building was reconfigured and modern services installed. Sometime after 1929 the shop front was unified and remains as found today. The property is Grade II Listed.

Building timeline

Image post 1929 ( via TaylorHare Architects)

1849 29 Harbour Street: Registered to Misses Lyon as a Toy shop

1885 29 Harbour Street: Parcel of land to rear subleased between Edward King Kennard, tailor and outfitter of Ramsgate, John Orrick Kennard and William Kennard, draper of Croydon from Alfred Davis Hodgman, carrier of Ramsgate

1895 29-31 Harbour Street: Registered to E K Kennard, tailor, outfitter and agent to Dr Jaeger

1911 29-31 Harbour Street: Electric lighting and hot water heating system installed. Commissioned by Lewis, Hyland & Linon occupying the full address

1914/15 29-37 Harbour Street: Lewis, Hyland & Linom family drapers & outfitters now registered to full address. Lewis joins the company name.

1929 29-31 Harbour Street: Lewis & Hyland, drapers, fashion specialists & gents outfitters registered to address. Loss of Linon from company name. Shopfront rebranded afterwards, likely to be when the existing single shop front replaced separate 29 & 31 entrances

1950s 29-39 Harbour Street unified. 29-31 yard space no longer shown in map.

Late C20 29-31 Harbour St. separated from 33. Registered ‘Celandine’ Hall, Indoor Market until its closure in 2014.

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  1. oh – i forgot the obvious one , a giant arts and culture centre , thats what need more of in thanet , people can throw paint about and call it art , and perhaps bag a hefty grant into the bargain.

  2. No wonder the High Street is dying. Rental prices are far too high for anyone to risk setting up a new business.

  3. Great to see the hoardings gone !

    Maybe the developer should have had permissions approved for fitting security shopfront shutters. Yes its possible !

    Please no more bars, pubs or late night clubs.

    Hope they get a longterm tenant soon.

  4. Great to see loads of positivity and optimism from the great and good in the comments! Your insights into rental rates, town centre regeneration and local pride are heart-warming!
    It’s irrelevant what goes in there, all you lot will do is whine about it!

    • I want the town centre in Ramsgate to thrive, but look at the reality here.

      By the time you have paid rent of £65,000 per year (which will more than likely have an increase clause in it year or year) Then paid business rates, and utilities and all other costs associated with the building you will be looking at at least £100,000 per year outlay, so that’s £1923 per week or £274.72 per day minimum (if you are open 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Now you tell me what start up will take that risk?

      It is the landlord that has killed this before it had a chance through greed! It would be much better to create an indoor market / several units within the building that way it would stand a chance as Harbour Street deserves to be great and could be a real asset to Ramsgate if everyone worked together.

      • But anyone renting the property has 7400 sq ft of business space for their 274 a day, a business needing that much space will surely have a decent turnover ( if it is a viable business) , the rent is likely to be much cheaper than the staff costs.

  5. Let me just ask, that before anyone can make a profit they have to be able to cover 65k plus bills EVERY year?
    Man, that’s some hefty total. The shops are closing all over the country and 99% of people, including myself, shop in supermarkets. God Bless anyone trying to make a living in our town centres these days. I shop local when I can but on a budget it’s hard.

  6. £1250 a week, for 7,500ft of retail space…. that’s a great rate!! That’s not even £1 per foot per year!!

    For those trying to say it’s to expensive, how much do you think it should be?

    To expensive for start ups, probably, but what start up wants to start with 7,500 feet of retail unit?

    So much negativity in Thanet, attacking any positive progress while clinging desperately to the failures of the past.

  7. i did hear that the ” old master ” tracey emin is interested in it ? i wonder what it would be . or is that too bleeding obvious ?

  8. I know you’re not supposed to respond to people like “real world” but why is he/she so bloody rude all the time?

  9. Yup another art cafe thing like the eye sore rust bucket in the harbour ….where is all the grant money /crowd funding money ….2 years later

  10. nice one david – you have hit the nail on the head, and i notice there havent been any replys to that one , i wonder why ?
    ps – i havent seen crowds watching those windmill things going round at the east cliff ?

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