Friends open traditional Greek restaurant and takeaway ‘Souvlike-eat’ in Ramsgate

Souvlike-eat open for business

A taste of Greece has come to Ramsgate town with the opening of a new restaurant and takeaway.

Souvlike-eat is offering coffee, pies, food on charcoal, souvlaki, skepasti (pittas with filling including gyros, cheese, tzatziki and vegetables and Served with fries), salads and desserts from its newly opened shop in King Street.

The business is a coming together of two Greek families living in Ramsgate and is headed up by Eirini Karvouni and Vaso Pappa.

It is the first business venture for the friends and they hope that people will come and explore what they have on offer.

Friends Eirini and Vaso

Eirini, 27, is currently in Greece to have her baby but Vaso, 39, is on-site and opened the business today (January 10).

Eirini said: “We have lived in Ramsgate for a couple of years and we decided to open a small, Greek traditional restaurant and takeaway shop.

“We believe that this kind of shop was missing from the area and we are ready, clean and friendly, to serve customers every day. One taste will make people to explore our fresh products.”

Souvlike-eat opens at 7am (8am on Sundays) for fresh coffee and pies. From noon they serve their menu of food on charcoal, souvlaki skepasti and more. There is a free delivery service when ordering via the website.

Souvlike-eat is at 50 King Street in Ramsgate.

Call 01843 838730 or go to Souvlike-eat on facebook or find their website here


  1. now that was a special place claude , along with some of the clientelle. i occassionaly see thier son still walking around ramsgate , and incidentally still wearing the same clothes circa 1970

    • Yes I’ve seen Louis P. walking around. Poor chap. The clientelle were real characters, such as Ted, who had some nervous disorder as he had “the shakes”. As a thirtee-year-old, I was always amused at the way he smoked his pipe.

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