Pupils inspired by Ramsgate Arts Primary teachers’ exhibits at Turner Contemporary

Teachers Karen Vost and Peter Campbell Saunders with pupils at Turner Contemporary

Ramsgate Arts Primary teachers Karen Vorst and Peter Campbell Saunders are inspiring their pupils by having their works exhibited at Turner Contemporary in Margate.

The creative youngsters were impressed when they saw the teachers’ exhibits on show as part of the gallery’s open exhibition to mark its tenth anniversary.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Our girls and boys love visiting the gallery that we have an enduring and strong educational partnership with through a number of projects.

“They enjoyed looking round the brilliant open exhibition and were thrilled to see works by Karen and Peter in show alongside a host of well-known, respected and ambitious artists from the Kent and Medway area.

“We try to integrate our arts curriculum with the community wherever possible and this visit to Turner has yet again inspired our young artists to aspire to have their own work displayed in a public exhibition, which is a really positive goal.”

Karen explained: “My exhibits are examples of the portraiture of mugshots, and the intimacy, vulnerability yet pride that these images evoke. I use lightboxes and acrylic prints to display my work.”

Peter Campbell Saunders, who is a part-time teacher at RAPS, had his work The Curator selected for show. An acrylic oil on canvas, it shares a wall with Margate’s world-renowned artist Tracey Emin at the gallery.

He said: “The painting was created during the first months of the lockdown in March/April 2020. The image depicts a young woman placing books upon a series of shelves containing a number of eclectic antique collectibles. I believe it was my attempt at taking control and adding some kind of order to my life, during a time when I felt vulnerable and out of control.

“After a further viewing of the artworks in the Turner, I’ve realised that my picture seems to be ‘out of time’. Bygone eras are a typical theme in my art.

“It’s a great honour for a traditional artist like me to be shown at such a prestigious contemporary gallery.”

He also has a studio/gallery space n at the Quex craft village at Quex Park, Birchington, where he runs art and photography workshops.

The Turner Contemporary Open

The exhibition showcases the wealth of artistic talent in Kent and Medway. It includes works by professional and non-professional artists living and working in the area and those working nationally and internationally who studied there.

The exhibition in the first floor galleries includes around 450 works, selected from over 4,200 anonymised submissions received from nearly 1,400 artists.

Artworks span sculpture, painting, ceramics, film and photography, including work by internationally renowned artists such as Tracey Emin, Rose Wylie and Margo Selby, alongside up-and-coming artists such as Matilda Sutton, Joshua Atkins and Lisa Wright.

The works were selected by four Thanet-based community groups and collectives: Age UK Thanet, Canvas 4 Equality, Margate Pride and the Turner Contemporary Access Group. These groups volunteered their time as curators with the support of Turner Contemporary. Each group has taken over a gallery space, in which they have curated their selection of artworks.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 20 February 2022.

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  1. On the first picture why is the teacher on the left and those pupils not wearing masks she seems to have the maskin her hand oddly. And why has the teacher got her arms around the children. I thought we were following Plan B ?

    • Do teachers and pupils have to wear masks in Primary schools? I don’t think so (though I confess I’m not certain of the rules)… and also they weren’t actually in a school.

      • Kids have to wear masks in schools as from today.

        They were at the TC I thought you had to wear masks in shops, cinemas, anywhere inside. So I would gave thought people over 11 should be wearing masks at the TC.

          • Ok peter but what about the teacher with her arms around the school kids ? That cant be good practice in a pandemic.

            Its confusing that one teacher is wearing a mask and the other teacher isnt.

            If they were in the TC than masks have to be worn under Plan B

    • Because she’s exempt?
      There is currently no requirement for primary school children (nor their teachers) to wear face coverings at school.
      Outside school, the regular “Plan B” rules apply.

        • Peter


          Exempt or not I wouldnt want a teacher with her arms around my kids in a pandemic. Would be interesting to see what the risk assessment said for the visit and to teachers being that close to kids. The other teacher is close but he has a mask on his face not in his hand and hasnt got his arms around the kids.

      • Phyllis

        I get that those kids dont need at mask but in public places like the TC mask should be worn. She has a mask in her hand !!

  2. Well done to the mugshot frame-you managed to tick two right-on boxes with BLM & LGBTQIA & whatever other letters have been added propaganda to children in one fell swoop-a gay man who decided to commit sodomy with another man in a public building, rather than his house-where the other man had assaulted him previously(what are we applauding here-must be some better gay rights activists out there?) & although a far more noble cause in the other mugshot, there were also many white freedom riders-although that isn’t a popular narrative nowadays. Still, at least he was a genuine pioneer of minority rights, unlike Rodney King & Saint Floyd.

  3. Can Peter Saunders art be moved away from the Emin nonsense please? This man has actual serious artistic talent.

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