Stream live recording of Theatre Royal’s Robin Hood panto

Robin Hood panto cast Margate Photo Dan Thompson

Wicked Productions is streaming a live recording of Robin Hood filmed during the 2021 Pantomime season at the Theatre Royal Margate.

Following the disappointing news that the remaining performances have had to be cancelled due to cast members testing positive for covid, the production company is bringing the fun into people’s homes.

Deep in the heart of his foreboding castle, the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham is taxing the poor to pile up his gold, whilst imprisoning brave Maid Marion. But the Sheriff hasn’t banked on our arrow slinging hero Robin, emerging from Sherwood Forest to outwit the villain’s plans. Can Robin save the day with a little help from Silly Willy Scarlett, Dame Tamara Tuck and his plucky Merry Folk?
There will be laughs aplenty with favourite routines including The Boombox making a welcome return along with a gaggle of ghosts to hinder the quest to rescue Maid Marion.

Margate Panto favourite JezO plays Silly Willy Scarlett, alongside Georgia Rowland -Elliott as Maid Marion and a full supporting professional cast.

COST £15.99 (72 Hour Rental)

Find it by clicking here

How do I watch on my Smart TV?

Most Smart TV’s will have a web browser and you can use this to log on to your email and then click on the link. Otherwise you may be able to Screen Mirror your phone to your TV or you could connect your laptop via a cable, or even Google Chromecast. Everyone’s TV is different so you are best to refer to your instruction manual! Here is a YouTube tutorial about how to mirror your phone


    • Its seems a lot but its less than a family ticket to see it live and they need to recoup some funds. Support your local theatre!

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