Traffic backlog on Manston Road due to test centre queue


Traffic is currently backed up in Manston Road due to a queue for the covid test centre.

Drivers caught up in the queue have been trying to turn around and double back. However traffic is moving slowly, expect a 20-30 minute wait if you need to drive in that area.

This month booking slots for PCR testing sites across the country increased by up to 100,000 per day  and PCR laboratory testing capacity was also raised up to 150,000 tests per day.


        • Then ur isolation will be longer. I tested positive on 21st and done PCR on 22nd it’s now made it a day later and can’t go out till 1st Jan but from where I done lateral flow it should be 30th. Takes too long to order online and I was told by my work I need to get one ASAP xxx

    • If the person’s lft is positive than you’ll need to have a pcr test and it will yest for omicron or delta etc which have different isolation periods.

  1. The CDC in the States is withdrawing emergency use of the PCR testing this January as it has failed its full review. Why is the UK still paying to use something so unreliable? Must be much more to it some would conclude.

    • That is not true. PCR testing is being phased out to be replaced with new tests that will also check for flu as well as Covid. It is not being withdrawn because it has ‘failed’. Rather than simply concluding that there is more to something you have read online, do some research first instead of spreading false information!

    • Indeed some would.
      Just as some conclude that the Earth is flat, men never landed on the moon, and aliens are kept at a secret facility in Area 51.

  2. What was claimed

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked a PCR Covid-19 test.
    Our verdict

    This is not true. The CDC has withdrawn a request for emergency authorisation for one type of PCR test, but not because of any fault. The FDA has recalled one brand of lateral flow test.”

    See? I did my own research

    • The fact that FULL FACT are located in Ministry of Justice Privy Council offices would suggest that far from being an Independent Charity they are an organ of state and being used to spread ONE particular narrative i.e. We will believe without question anything being said by governments

  3. Just been straight in no traffic but what a joke it is nobody seemed to know their job ,took test can’t get result until I register online tried to register doesn’t work online tried 119 all I got was a load of options when finally got to what was the option I wanted it told me how to use an LFT kit as I said above, one of our family tried to book in at Manston it came up as closed as I’ve said a joke , just stick with LFT it’s easier .

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