Christmas is saved as Ramsgate town centre lights issue is fixed

The lights are on Photo Chris Barton

Christmas has been saved in Ramsgate after persistent efforts have resulted in the festive lights being fixed.

A last ditch appeal was made this week for action to fix an electricity supply fault which meant the lights had only been on during two occasions – the official switch on in November and the late night shopping event this month.

Ramsgate Town Council paid for a generator to supply the power on both events. Despite reporting the issue and chasing it up on a weekly basis the fault remained.

RTC’s town clerk Laura Fidler said Kent County Council had worked hard but were unable to find the fault and the matter was then reported to UK Power Network.

The town’s Christmas lights were off Photo Jo Hanchett

County Councillor Karen Constantine then made a last ditch attempt to get the issue fixed by contacting KCC leader Roger Gough on Wednesday to see if a solution could be found.

Cllr Gough took steps to try and resolve the issue and UK Power Networks were on site yesterday and today.

Photo Chris Barton

RTC technician Chris Barton added: “As soon as they finished replacing the cable they allowed us access to site. Reconnected our system back to the mains, that had been isolated due to running the system from a generator, and light was restored at 12.30pm.”

Cllr Constantine said: “I am absolutely thrilled that the lights in Ramsgate Harbour Street have now been switched on.

“I’ve spent the past few days contacting Cllr Roger Gough, Conservative leader of Kent County Council, to express my dissatisfaction that the Christmas lights were not on due to an issue with UK Power Network. I have, in no uncertain terms, explained that this is simply not good enough, and that I don’t believe this situation would’ve been allowed elsewhere in the leafy suburbs of Kent.

“This morning I again wrote to Cllr Gough to insist that he contact UKPN to try again to get them to come out to identify the fault and fix it. This is important to both the residents of Ramsgate but also to the local businesses, who need every bit of trade they can get.

Photo Chris Barton

“I’d like to thank Roger Gough for using his office to add pressure to get these works satisfactorily completed. I will be looking very closely at the contract for this work in the early New Year. Enjoy the lights.”

Ramsgate Town Council has announced that the New Year’s Eve firework display is scheduled to go ahead. The display, at midnight, will be visible from the harbour and both West and East cliffs.

There is a warning that bad weather or new covid restrictions may result in cancellation


  1. What – you’re not tying to tell us that it wasn’t actually RTC’s fault at all?
    Glad they’re working. It’s great that there’s a sea of lights at the Harbour, and a river of lights in the town centre.

  2. I’d like to say “I see the light” but I have avoided Ramsgate town centre due to too many there who’ve also “Seen the light”…

  3. H’mm. I thought the headline a little trite. Christmas lights, and all the other trappings, add to the festive spirit, of course.
    But I don’t think the presence or otherwise of Ramsgate’s illuminations makes a deal of difference to the Christmas message: Peace on Earth, and goodwill to all mankind.
    Merry Christmas, folks.

  4. Oh look lovely lights but who wants to wander around like a tourist in that area.

    Street market has gone, shops cant survive there, shop fronts only good for rough sleepers the soul of the town has departed. Everyone knows why.

    So much can be done for that area, so many people with responsibility/influencers do the wrong thing. Or is that normal in ramsgate ?

    Happy christmas and new year to all in these challenging times.


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