Closure of Ramsgate harbour lifting bridge for maintenance works

Ramsgate harbour Photo TDC

The lifting bridge at Ramsgate harbour will be closed from today (December 17) until mid-January for maintenance work.

The  lift bridge is used twice a day, every day, along with t The flap gate and mitre gates which retain the water level in the Inner Basin at high tide.

The lifting bridge provides pedestrian/vehicular access when the gates are closed and can then be raised clear when they are open to allow the passage of tall vessels through the channel.

This system of retaining water in the Inner Basin is unusual as it is not a traditional sea lock and must be operated four times a day – two hours before high tide and two hours after high tide, meaning the equipment is in constant use.

A Thanet council spokesperson said:  “Due to essential maintenance work, the lifting bridge at Ramsgate Royal Harbour will be closed from Friday 17 December until mid-January 2022. This will affect access between the East and West Crosswall for both harbour customers and members of the public.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”


  1. Just for clarity the bridge will be permanently open, not closed. Otherwise boats would not be able to move between inner and outer harbours. This means no pedestrian access between east and west without walking the long way round.

  2. Classic Thanet Council, what a joke they are! So they wait until people break for Christmas and then close the bridge for the whole time people will be off work. Many like to walk round the harbour and look at the lights over the Christmas period. But the geniuses at TDC decide to close that option off, what a bunch of incompetent clowns they are!

    Also why is it always “essential maintenance works” does that translate to “waiting until it is about to break and ignoring general maintenance”

    • RL, have you got a clue? Read the article. A scheduled survey found a problem with one of the lifting ram seals so replacement was needed, and to do this the bridge has to be raised. Unfortunate it happened at Christmas, but nothing to do with TDC trying to mess up your Christmas, just shit happening, and the appropriate action being taken. Just get a life you sad person.

      • Yes I read the article, where does it state “A scheduled survey found a problem with one of the lifting ram seals so replacement was needed” Erm, nowhere!

        Am not saying the TDC are trying to mess up my Christmas. I am saying the are the most corrupt and useless council I have ever had the misfortune of paying council tax to.

        From the tone you take, it sounds like you work for TDC as you are asking if I have read something that is not stated in the article above and like most of TDC higher staff you resort to insulting people.

    • So, is it better to take the bridge out of service during a regular period, or during the holidays?
      TDC has to effect repairs at some point. No time is ever perfect. So they have to pick a window that is least disruptive.

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