Closure order made on Margate flat due to complaints of drugs, noise and disturbances

Closure order in Dane Road

Repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour have led to a closure order being secured at a Margate flat.

Since mid-August, Kent Police has received numerous complaints of excess noise, drug misuse and disturbances taking place at the Dane Road address.

The persistent nuisance behaviour led to officers in the Thanet Community Safety Unit successfully applying for the order at Margate Magistrates’ Court on Friday (December 10).

The order makes it an offence for anyone other than the landlord, or an approved contractor, to enter the address between now and Thursday 10 March 2022.

Failure to comply with the order is an arrestable offence which risks an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentence of up to 51 weeks.

Inspector Ian Swallow, from the Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: “We fully understand the impact that anti-social behaviour has on people living near properties like this one and will always use the full remit of our powers to take robust and proportionate action.

“This includes working in close partnership with Thanet District Council, and other agencies and I am confident that this enforcement action will have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

“My officers are going to continue to work hard to resolve any anti-social behaviour concerns reported to us and I would encourage anyone affected to get in contact through our website, or by calling 101. Dial 999 if a crime is in progress.”


  1. Ok so I may not fully understand the process but four months! I mean why is everything sooooooo slow when dealing with anti social behaviour, what happens to them, a slap on the wrist, moved on to the next flat/house and it starts all over again! I guess these types have no respect for the law, those around them or the environment and all the time there appears to be no punishment they’re unlikely to. I wish I knew the answer 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • It’s because drug addicts are considered to be vulnerable so the council won’t evict them, I had 4 yrs torture in a similar place,

  2. Do the close order only apply to rented accommodation or does it still apply to private owned properties. Also I fully agree with Big Nose why does it take so long and are the guilty ones just moved somewhere else to carry on regardless.

  3. I don’t expect it does apply to owner occupied homes as we have had 3 years of antisocial behaviour, intimidation, harassment and fly-tipping from one owner neighbour and none of these authorities will do anything about it despite numerous people making complaints. We are all ignored by the police and expected to just get on with their abuse. Thanet police are good at that.

  4. It’s applies to people who own their home, I knew someone who basically was hounded out by the neighbours who made up stuff and police gave the owner a asbo saying they couldn’t return for 3 months, they basically was just left homeless

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