Thanet council civil enforcement roles on offer and retail, hospitality and care sectors ‘recruiting heavily’ says Job Centre

Job Centre

Job vacancies at Thanet council for 5 new Civil Enforcement officers after the new year are among those currently on offer through Thanet’s job centres.

The council roles will be offered on a full time basis, at £18,540pa with an 11% shift allowance.

Tony March, Universal Credit Full Service Partnership Manager lead at Margate, said: “Since furlough has ended, the number of employment opportunities have been growing astronomically. Sectors recruiting heavily at the moment include retail, hospitality and care.

“We have had a long working relationship with Bakkavor (Tilmanstone Salads) to support recruitment with their factory operative roles, however transport has been a barrier for Thanet residents. Bakkavor is now piloting alongside Stagecoach, free transport to and from the site for all staff from Margate railway station.

“Speciality Breads in Margate have had their application approved to offer 8 Kickstart Placements. The roles on offer are Trainee Administrator, Hygiene Operative Trainee and Trainee Warehouse Operatives. This is a brilliant opportunity for young people looking to work within that sector.

“Hornby Hobbies are offering 4 Kickstart placements at their distribution site. Hornby Hobbies is a household name and will be offering participants a wealth of knowledge and experience to support the individual with the possibility of a permanent role at the end of the placement if suitable.

“We are working the Thanet District Council to recruit 5 new Civil Enforcement officers after the new year. These vacancies will be offered on a full time basis, £18,540pa with an 11% shift allowance.

“We also currently have a Skills Bootcamp based in Sittingbourne with Mainstream Training who are offering our customers the opportunity to be trained up to become HGV drivers or general transport drivers as part of the governments ambition of recruiting more transport workers across the UK and for us in Kent.”

Last month 30 Kickstart placements with Thorley Taverns were also made available. Central Cars is also recruiting for 60 staff and there are vacancies at BluTech

Thanet currently (for October 2021) has 6,200 people listed as unemployed with 1070 of those aged 18-24, 3515 aged 25-49 and 1605 aged 50-64.

The district’s youth unemployment at 11.1% is the highest in the south east. The overall unemployment rate at 7.7% is the highest in Kent, Sevenoaks has the lowest level at 2.8%.

On December 1 changes were brought in to Universal Credit earnings allowance and the taper rate. The taper rate means that if people increase their earnings, for example by working more hours, their Universal Credit is gradually withdrawn. The taper rate was 63p, meaning for every £1 a person earns after tax their Universal Credit is reduced by 63p. But the Government has cut this taper rate by 8p, from 63p for 55p.

Some households can earn a set amount before the taper rate kicks in. This is called the Work Allowance and is generally for households on Universal Credit who are in work and either looking after a child or have a household member with limited capability for work.

The revised allowances for payments are:

  • £335 per month (was £293), where UC includes help with rent.
  • £557 per month (was £515), where UC doesn’t include help with rent.


  1. 25-49 should be allocated jobs failure to show should then result in no wages and no benefits. Tough rules , but that’s what is needed.

    • 25-49 is not a failure per se, rather that the younger cohort is cheaper, more pliable and subservient, whereas the older are either too affluent/aloof/smug/[insert predictable middle class characteristic here] to bother with working for anyone else.

      You know who you are.

      The wealth police will come knocking by 2030.

  2. Civil enforcement officer…that could be the ones who wander around fining litter…cigarette ends dropping etc..or traffic warden even

  3. How about making it so expensive to live in Thanet that people pack up and move away. Then knock down the empty slums and rebuild in place. Re design the towns. Have more sports and entertainment facilities. Wouldn’t that be good.

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