Extended hours for covid vaccination clinics at Saga building in Ramsgate

Drawing up the vaccine

Extended hours will be in place at the Saga covid vaccination hub following the government announcement yesterday (December 12) of a drive to offer all those aged 18 and over a booster by the end of December.

Anyone aged 18 and above who had their second jab three months ago or more is eligible for the booster.

First, second and third primary doses are also available. Vaccines are Pfizer or Moderna.

People can walk in or can book online via NBS or by calling 119.

The new hours are:

Tuesday 14 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Wednesday 15 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Thursday 16 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Friday 17 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Saturday 18 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Sunday 19 December: 8am – 2pm
Monday 20 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Tuesday 21 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Wednesday 22 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Thursday 23 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Friday 24 December: 8am – 2pm
Monday 27 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Tuesday 28 December: 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 8pm
Thursday 30 December: 8am – 2pm

Friday December 31 8am-2pm

National guidance is for the second dose to be a minimum of eight weeks from the first dose. Please do not go to a walk-in clinic for a second dose earlier than 8 weeks.

If you need to have the AstraZeneca vaccine for for medical reasons, or you are still waiting for your second dose, please email [email protected] for information on your nearest clinic.

A Kent & Medway NHS spokesperson added: “General practices are very busy at the moment and are not routinely arranging Covid-19 vaccine appointments. Please do not contact your GP surgery about Covid-19 vaccines unless you have been specifically asked to.”


    • I had a (hopefully) minor health issue a few months back, so after trying and failing to get a GP phone consultation for 2 days, I phoned 111: they said they’d get back to me later that day, but never did. Now, I’m not knocking the hard work that all (including unpaid volunteers) are doing at Saga, but it is little surprise that it is currently NON-Covid patients that are filling up the hospital beds.

      • Might as well rename the NHS the NCS-National Covid Service. Other than sticking the Covid & Flu jabs in people’s arms your only chance of getting medical assistance is if you injure yourself & get stitched up at A&E. Forget about operations & being able to see your doctor. It is highly likely this will end up killing more people than Covid-due to people dying while waiting for surgery & suicides from the pain people are in & general mental health problems that people cannot get help for thanks to everything being thrown at this for what will soon be 2 years plus.

  1. Why would you want to? Not safe. Not effective. You can still get it and pass it on. No long term safety data. Big pharma absolved from any liability for any jab damage. And making many billions for them and the globalists, while independent businesses die. Wouldn’t you wonder what is really going on! That’s what the many whistleblowers are saying. Wait for the next jab to save Valentine’s Day, Easter, Ground Hog Day etc. etc. And watch out for those end of life drugs for those not approaching that. Ineffective and sinister indeed.

      • I don’t see anything there that isn’t factual.

        1. Pfizer have been indemnified against any damages from deaths or long-term side effects, you have to present your case to the government & hope they do the right thing-no evidence of that from this bunch. Basically it is a licence to print money for them now.

        2. Pfizer & FDA want trial data to remain hidden until 2076. Does this instill confidence?

        3. It is clear there are going to be future variants & that this will be the response-shut down the NHS even further for those millions in dire need of operations etc & limit people’s rights.

      • Dangerous?

        You mean like hurty wordys?

        Sinister syllables?

        Light saber lyricism?

        I kinda feel safe dude…..

        Are you feeling okay?

        I’m here for you. 💯

  2. Thank goodness for our brilliant NHS (remember how we stood on our doorsteps and clapped to show support for our doctors and nurses?)
    Thank goodness, too, for the world’s medical scientists. In short order they have expanded on previous work to produce vaccines for SARS and MERS to produce covid vaccines. And so far, they have proved to be very effective indeed in saving lives and reducing serious illness in those unfortunate enough to contract CV.
    This new Omicron variant seems to be less responsive to those who have only had two doses, but a booster improves resistance to better than 75%. The sooner we get boosted, the better for all of us: our families, friends, workmates and ourselves.
    Who knows what the future holds? CV might fade away, like Spanish Flu did, or there might be recurring waves, year after year, of more or less severity. We’ll just have to get used to having boosters for some time to come.

    • But they isn’t very good if we need jabbing every three months, as is said. That means constant queues a mile long and overloaded website freezing trying to book an appointment at a venue. God knows what all this vaccine is doing to us as not tested properly.

    • Andrew: Sounds like a big pharma propaganda declaration for their shareholders, papering over the cracks that non of it is safe or remotely effective (VAERs, Yellow Card systems globally from official systems illustrate all of this monthly).

      • Perhaps he can explain why currently Pfizer & the FDA are trying to legally ensure that their jab trials documentation doesn’t see the light of day in full until 2076, possibly even 2097. Does this sounds like a company interested in public health over profit & the full & prompt release of full information to an esteemed medical organ for peer review?

    • What were you clapping for exactly? The deaths of babies due to the EK Trust ignoring recommendations, lying, going after whistleblowers & behaving arrogantly & have continued to, that was conveniently forgotten about as soon as we were told to clap?

      The people killed by NHS incompetence of putting people without Covid on Covid wards-thus claiming many more lives & making their job even harder by spreading it further & blocking beds with people who would have been in & out in hours or most likely a day at most?

      The millions of people ignored by the NHS waiting with cancer & other life threatening or extremely painful conditions, while everything has for 2 years now been thrown at something virtually everybody who gets will be no worse than a winter bug or flu, or not even know they have it?

      I did laugh at my neighbours who after several months of this nonsense asked other neighbours how many more weeks they should keep clapping, banging things & waving at the air-a week later they decided to give up.

      But of course the British public are in general a rather gullible & easily controlled bunch-just tell them to wave a flag & do some meaningless virtue signalling & they are happy. You can tell the general level due to the dreck they watch on television & that such a ghastly channel as ITVBe even exists. Eventually the nurses & doctors told people to stop & support a pay rise for them instead.

  3. Wont be long before we will have to show proof of vaccinations,covid recovery,official lateral flow test or what ever borris suggests before being allowed into all establishments including shops.
    Seen it abroad, Bar door’s, restaurant door’s, supermarket door’s, museum door’s, all locked and show your QR code through the window with valid ID to prove its actually you and they may let you in !
    No QR pass code or no valid ID your not coming in.
    That system could arrive here, tomorrow

    Antivaxers blah good idea to start having the vaccinations, so many people are going that little extra to jab you !

    • Plan B will not cover that-only clubs, big events etc, but the likely to happen next year Plan C might well outlaw people stepping beyond their front gate with one-this is the problem & slippery slope of letting those in power pass such things.

      One can only hope that Labour & Lib Dems will find some backbone & decide if that does end up on the cards it is a bridge too far. They are after all both supposed to be the champions of liberty & freedom.

      • By being vaccinated and boosted, we are championing liberty and freedom.
        The more of the population fully vaccinated, the more the virus is suppressed, and the more likely it is that pubs, restaurants, clubs, consert halls, football grounds and so on stay open.

  4. If you had to watch your elderly Mum die in a Care home in isolation via a WhatsApp call, maybe you would think twice. Yes it tough and no no one knows the answer but we can all try to play our part surely.

    • And whose fault was that? The government. The ones who introduced mass Covid into care homes. The ones who keep telling you if you get the jabs things will go back to normal-but they never do. The ones who lie to you on a daily basis-while people died in care homes with nobody around & people gave up their Xmas parties on their advice they were partying away laughing at us. Raab who this morning told us there were 250 people in hospital with Omicron-when it is actually 10. Boris who still keeps telling you there were no parties & did this purely to distract people & try to improve his sinking ratings approval.

      • You can nit-pick snippets of headlines to try and make some absurd case, but you cannot (rationally) conclude that Covid in general and Omicron in particular are not sweeping the world. 10, 250 in hospital? It matters not. In a couple of weeks it will be 10,000.

        • And the evidence from SAF is that it is already flat-lining, hospitlisations are low & this person here who may or may not have died from it & that we know nothing else about-likely elderly with other health problems remains the only known death.

          Dr Coetzee the leading expert has made it quite clear the UK government is overreacting & again we know why-as of Tuesday there was no plan to implement Plan B as the ministers were out saying so on television, something happened on Tuesday that changed that-wonder what that was? She also said the symptoms are very mild compared to Delta.

          Of course initially governments have to plan for worst case scenarios, however when that is then presented as what will happen & never does it doesn’t wash. Remember back in the summer when the experts/media said lifting restrictions would cause 7,000 hospitalisations per day & yet they didn’t reach 1,000 a day.


    • Indeed there isn’t.
      That’s the nature of Covid.
      Maybe a vaccine will be developed that will halt CV in its tracks; maybe (like Spanish Flu) it will fizzle out in a year or so; maybe (almost certainly) a new, even worse virus will afflict us.
      So what do we do?
      Let the bodies pile up, as our PM suggested?
      Shut down everything?
      Or try to steer a narrow course somewhere between the two, changing tack when needs must.
      I find the behaviour of some of the tory backbenchers quite astonishing. It’s as though they think there’s nothing wrong in the world.

      • Except the bodies haven’t & won’t pile up in the streets-once again this is a serious concern overwhelmingly for the elderly, obese & those with serious health conditions-all of whom are constantly having their arm jabbed to stop them getting the serious side effects-even though it doesn’t work for many of them anyway.

        So what is the issue exactly? Do you not have faith in the magic jabs? Do you want to shut down everything every time Boris gets caught lying & needs a distraction? Or whenever some new strain comes along? All for something most people either don’t know they have or get the sniffles for a few days?

        • Over 150,000 people in the UK have died of covid. That might be trivial to you, but it certainly isn’t to those they’ve left behond: parents, partners, children, friends, workmates. Vast numbers of long vivid covid sufferers. And, tragically, children both suffer long covid and die from covid.
          Without intervention of some sort, the bodies most definitely will pile up.
          The first interventions were various levels of lock downs. More recently, vaccines have been remarkably successful in keeping the effects of CV in check.
          The new variant seems to evade the vaccines currently available, so until new vaccines can be manufactured, some other interventions will be necessary.
          The nature of CV is that it’s very infectious before symptoms appear, so for several days before a person begins to feel unwell, he will be spreading the disease. And each time the virus jumps hosts, it has the potential to mutate. Possibly to something far,far more dangerous.
          So responsible common sense says we should adopt the Precautionary Principle- assume the worst case scenario, and ease back when we are sure it’s safe. To do things the other way round would be catastrophic.
          I really don’t care too much at the moment how much profit Pfizer etc are making. If I’m on a sinking ship, and someone offers me a life belt, I don’t pause to wonder how much it costs.
          There are calls, not least from the scientific community, that the licence to manufacture theses vaccines should be freely available, at least in the poorest countries.
          Statements to the effect that these vaccines are untested and experimental are rubbish, and as demonstrated by the huge queues waiting in the rain for a booster, most people see through the dangerous nonsense churned out by ant vaxxers.

  5. What has Andrew said that is an inaccurate statement? Do please reply, as to me it looks as if it’s anti-vaccination enthusiasts who are behaving childishly.

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