New homes proposal at Shottendane Farm in Margate

Proposal for land at Shottendane Farm

Plans have been submitted to build seven homes at Shottendane Farm in Margate.

The proposal would mean the demolition of commercial storage buildings to be replaced with the one 2-bed, five 3-bed and one 4-bed homes.

Shottendane Farm occupies a 5 acre site of what was once part of a larger 100 acre farm complex dating to the 1700s. Operations ceased around 1990. The site is allocated for housing in Thanet’s Local Plan – a blueprint for development, business and infrastructure up until 2031.

The farmhouse is grade II listed. The application is for 1.9 acres of the site.

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The existing farmhouse (pictured), cattle shed and stables are to be retained and occupied by the applicant. The development relates solely to the demolition of the existing more modern buildings within the site and the surrounding land

Planning documents state: “The proposed layout allows the retention of the overwhelming majority of existing mature trees both within the site and at the boundaries – which has been informed by a tree survey of the site carried out by Quaife Woodlands. The proposed scheme provides for additional tree planting and landscaping to further enhance the setting of the development across the site, particularly along the north-west boundary.

“The redundancy of the site from its historic agricultural background, the recent intervention of the more recent (although now vacant) commercial development, and its 2020 allocation as a housing site gives the site high capacity for change.

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“It is asserted that the development proposed has struck an appropriate balance between making efficient use of the site for housing, as envisaged through the housing allocation, in a form that is sympathetic to and embracing of the key characteristics of the site as they relate to heritage, framework of mature trees, biodiversity enhancements, access, relationship between buildings and topography.”

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Shottendane is also the site for a 450 home proposal by Gladman Developments Ltd. This was  submitted in July 2020 but was rejected by councillors on the planning committee three times on grounds of unacceptable low level of affordable housing – at 10% and then 15% instead of 30%. An appeal against the rejection is due to be heard in January.

A decision for Shottendane Farm is yet to be made. Plans can be found on the Thanet council portal under reference F/TH/21/1864


  1. Certainly not in the “affordable “ for locals category….
    But at least they do look as though they are to be built with a bit of space between dwellings.

    • Surely affordable for anyone who can afford them?
      When you come to buy a home, the mortgage lender is more concerned about the status of your bank account than your post code.

  2. Them lovely looking new houses are available to the local community if they want to purchase, not all thanet folk spend their hard earned cash on alcopops, naff expensive polluting vehicles, drugs, lottery scratchcards etc.
    There are many affluent people in thanet, you know the ones that have made the best of their lives, worked hard and not scrounged off the council or expect the council to subsidise their lives.

    Although we have nice sandy beaches here, there is no need to bury your head in the sand and blame others !

    Hope they get the planning permission and do the same in other underused parcels of land.

    They would make nice holiday lets or investments!

  3. James many people in Thanet who work are on p..s poor wages, who do not waste money will still be unable to afford them lovely looking new houses they are totally out of place for the area I hope they do not get planning permission

  4. Build expensive homes then all the poor people can clear off to Bŕighton. Why not have rule that says build one demolish two

  5. We can’t have more social housing- and by “we” I mean the general population of, at least, England- because most if not all councils cannot afford to build it.

  6. Very refreshing to have a new development that doesn’t consist of small boxy uniformed homes that are churned out and poorly built ! It’s a well thought out and considerate design incorporating the natural habitat. We need quality not quantity. Well done bros.

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