Fundraiser launched for Ramsgate scaffolder who suffered serious injuries in on-site accident

Steven suffered life-changing injuries

A fundraiser has been set up to help a Ramsgate scaffolder and his family after he suffered a serious injuries in an accident while working.

Steven Gilmore, known to friends as Gilly, was on site on November 29 when a scaffold tube he was lifting hit an overhead power line, resulting in Steven falling from a height and suffering serious electrical burns.

The dad-of-one had emergency surgery for his injuries. He is in a serious but stable condition at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital but the injuries sustained are life changing.

Steven has undergone six hours in theatre for extensive damage to his hands and arms with his thumbs and forearms having completely severed muscles meaning the tissue is dead. How far this damage is spread will be examined over next few days. Next week Steven will go to theatre to see how well donated skin has taken and to see if his fingers and thumbs are managing to ‘stay alive.’

Steven endured a massive 48,000 volts going through his body meaning there are internal burns. His kidneys are being closely monitored and his lungs are bruised. A blood clot in his leg is being closely monitored and he had extensive leg surgery.

Steven’s pal Kieran Friend has set up the fundraiser to help with costs for Steven’s partner Vicky to travel to the hospital and also to help with bills while Steve is recovering.

In an update on the fundraiser Vicky said: “The surgeon has said that this is going to be a long and rough road to recovery. It will be physically and mentally exhausting for him and he is still under ICU and the critical burns unit at Chelsea hospital.”

Kieran said: “His partner Vicky will have to travel to London to visit him whilst he remains in hospital receiving treatment, which may be some time, and rehabilitation will be a prolonged affair too.

“I feel it would be a nice gesture to help out a friend and his family during this difficult period so any donations towards getting them through this tough time would be much appreciated.”

Find the fundraiser by clicking here


  1. Once again a family man without insurance, expecting everyone else to cover for his errors. As an INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT he should make a claim to DWP even if he has never paid for National Insurance they are the appropriate EXPERTS TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. We are all in need of help myself especially, having lost everything after incompetent operatives sub contracted by Home & Contents Insurer left our dream home UNINHABITABLE, worse still, discovered after being charged thousands of pounds for storage ALL CONTAMINATED BY ASBESTOS AS CEILING CAME DOWN but instead of using professionals they used BOGUS SURVEYOR etc. I WOULD NOT EXPECT ANYONE ELSE TO COME TO OUR AID, WHY DO YOU?

    • Easy option these days it seems is to set up a “Go Fund Me” page.

      How on earth do you touch electricity cables if you’ve done a risk assessment of the surroundings you’re working in?

      If you’re doing a high risk job then get insurance to cover accidents, dont expect others to donate money to help those who dont help themselves!

  2. I hope he recovers for the better , as for funding I agree he should have taken out insurance rather than think “it will never happen to me”.

  3. I don’t think he is in the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s that is a retirement home for the Chelsea pensioners. They do not have an ICU maybe get the facts correct.

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