Firm appointed for investigation into misconduct allegations against now suspended Thanet Global Generation Church leaders

Global Generation Church in Margate

An investigation into complaints made against Thanet’s Global Generation Church leaders Mike and Stella Andrea will be carried out by employment law and HR specialists Loch Associates.

Last month allegations of misconduct, coercion and abuse of power were made public by a woman who was a member of the church between the ages of 12 and 24, She says she was suicidal by the time she quit.

Her allegations consist of claims of coercion, unethical employment practices, gaining control with ‘love bombing’ through gifts and trips, verbal aggression, inappropriate comments and an alleged ‘exorcism’ incident.

The church also received allegations from other former members.

The claims related to church team leader Mike Andrea and wife Stella. Global Generation Church and organisation 24-7 Prayer, where Mr Andrea is CEO, have suspended the couple while the investigation takes place.

An update from Global Generation Church says they and 24-7 have approached a number of organisations and engaged with statutory and regulatory bodies such as the Charity Commission.

A statement from Glo Gen adds: “We have instructed Loch Associates first to implement an employer’s grievance investigation, independently of the employers, into the misconduct allegations and complaints by reference to the relevant employment contracts, including recommending any disciplinary steps for the charity to take as employers.

“After completing that initial investigation Loch Associates have also been instructed to provide a report to Global Generation Church (and 24-7 Prayer’s Board of Trustees) outlining Lessons Learned and detailing suggestions regarding policies, procedures, practices and culture that will help the relevant Board of Trustees make necessary improvements. Any complaints or grievances not the subject of the initial investigation will be taken into account at that time.”

Anyone who still wishes to make a complaint needs to send it marked for Laura, from Loch Associates, at [email protected] by 5pm on Monday 13th December. This needs to include a clear reference to timeframe and organisation/ people involved.

The statement adds: “Now that an appropriate independent expert has been sourced and appointed, we have asked Loch Associates to proceed diligently and thoroughly but with all due speed in order to minimise the ongoing impact of these matters on those affected.”

Global Generation Church has also commissioned an independent confidential helpline “to offer support to anyone who feels they have been harmed or impacted by the allegations relating to Mike and Stella Andrea.”

This is being run by independent Christian safeguarding specialists thirtyone:eight.

The safeguarding helpline is on 0303 003 1111. People are asked to quote ‘GC-21′ when they call.

Investigation launched over allegations of coercion and misconduct by Thanet Global Generation Church leader


  1. I would think with Allegations that serious with that age range 12 upwards I would think the police should carry out the investigation not a private firm unless I’m missing something. Even if all proves to be in order it must big a big upset to all of those who attend.

  2. I was unfortunately groomed into a religious organisation as a uni student. When you’re part of a community which appears to love you unconditionally and accept you it feels like it can only be a good thing if you’ve been needing that in your life. These people seem so pure that you don’t realise they’re brainwashed too. I’ve been battling mental health issues for 20 years as a result of the behind-the-scenes bullying and eventual fleeing from my “community” who had cut me off from my family and friends. I’m so happy I got out but for years I thought it was just me, I didn’t understand it was a totally flawed institution. I’m very wary of religious groups now. I think people get in the way of spirituality when they start trying to organise it into a religion.

  3. I assume she must have reported it to the church leaders rather than to the police? It will be “interesting” to see if this goes any further than their investigation, but I fear it won’t.

    I’m sorry for what happened to you, Anon.

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