Computer-generated image released by police investigating Ramsgate burglary

Police CGI image

A computer-generated image has been released by officers investigating a burglary in Ramsgate.

Police are investigating a report of a house being broken into between 7.50am and 8.05am on 18 November in Nixon Avenue.

During the incident a burglar was reported to have gained entry to the house by a front door, before stealing a safe which contained family jewellery and paperwork, including wedding certificates and passports. The offender is believed to have left on foot.

Anyone who thinks they can be of assistance is urged to contact police on 101 quoting 46/240690/21.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or by using the anonymous online form available here.


  1. we should be more like america and be allowed to shoot intruders and thieves like this little scrote , the courts will do nothing if hes ever caught , which i very much doubt

    • Real world

      If you seriously think going down the American route is a good think you need to give your head a wobble.

      Why would want the population of the UK walking around packing a gun ?

      America is a mess it’s the modern day wild west.

      The UK should stay will clear of anything America does.

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