Artboards go on display in New Street

The Margate School artboards in New Street

The Margate School has installed seven artboards along New Street, showcasing creatives who have a connection to TMS, as well as displaying businesses on the street.

Art for the boards was chosen following a call out to designers and artists for work responding to the title “Design, Society, Nature” — as a way of celebrating the launch of The Margate School’s new one-year Visual Communication course.

The work includes submissions by 2 of the TMS Visual Communication tutors – Philip Gomm and Graham Wood, and one from visiting lecturer June Mineyama-Smithson.

A spokesperson for TMS said: “After reviewing the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on businesses’ abilities to work with creative professionals, we identified that we needed a more viable way to exhibit and promote the arts locally.

“By creating an extension of our exhibition space that is public-facing and accessible to the local community and visitors we hope to contribute to Margate’s growing tourism industry and give a platform for local creatives to be seen and celebrated.”

A directory of the businesses on New Street is also displayed with the aim of attracting additional footfall and supporting the community.

The spokesperson added: “We hope to adapt the use of these boards to promote the work of future events, other artists and designers, and bring forward the work that happens within TMS out into the public realm.”

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