Sponsored venue: An action-packed December planned for Cliftonville’s Faith In Strangers

DJ Crippsy heading to Faith In Strangers

Faith In Strangers music and arts venue,  based at the former Franks Nightclub and The Starlight Club of the 1970s, has an event packed December planned.

Faith In Strangers hosts a range of events from DJs and live music, to spoken word, film screenings, science and technology events – most of the events are free entry and open to all.

During the working week Faith In Strangers is used as a workspace by creative freelancers. The venue opened towards the end of 2019 and like many hospitality businesses suffered with the lockdowns and restrictions that came during covid.

In spring of this year they re-opened with a series of events to put the venue on the map in Thanet and beyond.

Faith In Strangers is managed by Jack Eastwood, who grew up in Thanet and spent the best part of a decade honing his craft as a restaurateur and all round tastemaker in Byron Bay, Australia, before returning to Thanet last year.

The venue and its facilities are offered for free to charities and Not For Profit organisations. In 2021 Faith In Strangers worked with local community groups and not for profits, such as POW (Power of Women), Stretch Outsiders and Our Kitchen, providing them free venue hire and use of the facilities. If your charity or not-for-profit organisation could benefit from similar support visit www.faithinstrangers.co.uk/community

The busy schedule for December includes unveiling of plans for a new skatepark in Cliftonville, a new winter menu and a night to find out abut using modular synthesisers.

Skate Park Unveiling

There is a project by Skate Pharm to turn the derelict crazy golf course, that sits atop the cliffs between the Lido and the Pirates playground, into a competition standard Skate Park that the people of Thanet can be proud of.

On December 10,  Nick from Skate Pharm will be unveiling the plans, presenting ideas and taking questions from the public.

Everyone is invited to attend and hear about this exciting development for the area. The evening will then roll on into music by local record spinner Mr Shiver. Entrance is free.

Winter menu

To stave off the cold season and warm up the cockles, Faith In Strangers have developed a new winter menu, which includes some winter favourites and a few new concoctions. Manager, Jack Eastwood and head bartender, Lorelei Ricard have teamed up to develop the menu, which includes a Byron Bay inspired barrel aged negroni, macadamia old fashioned (pictured above) as well as countless other festive mixes including a range of house made shrubs and infusions.

Other classics such as the Godfather and also a range of alcohol free cocktails and low sugar options are available.

Local favourite Northdown Brewery makes a guest appearance with a Tidal Pool port infused stout and Tidal Pool lager. Cider and wine are mulled every weekend, in the lead up to Christmas.

Margate Modular

Say ‘Modular Synth’ and you’ll be lucky if anyone in the room knows what you’re talking about. Synthesizers have been used to make music for a long time, from The WHO to Kate Bush and beyond. These synths, that make all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds are bought in modules and pieced together into a smorgasbord of cables and connectors.

Margate Modular is an open invitation for enthusiasts from Thanet and further afield to bring their modules, jam with others and showcase their rigs. This event is also open to people curious about modular synths, who want to see what it’s all about and have a go! To cap off the evening Tom Furse will be performing his music live.

What’s On

Key dates 

Thu 2nd Dec Loose Tooth Spoken Word Showcase

Fri 3rd Dec Deke Renowned international DJ (Free entry)

Sat 4th Dec Dave Harvey & Christophe Futureboogie / Love Intn’l (Free entry)

Wed 8th Dec Margate Modular Synth Night – Tom Furse Live Performance (Free entry)

Thu 9th Dec Drunk Draw Geoffrey Chambers hosts a night of drawing £10

Fri 10th Dec Skate Park Unveiling Supported by music from Mr Shiver (Free entry)

Sat 11th Dec

Thu 16th Dec Crippsy Cringle Xmas party with local legend DJ Crippsy (Free entry)

Fri 17th Dec Matt Walsh Music from the Tap Room’s main man (Free entry)

Sat 18th Dec

Fri 31st Dec NYE House Party Music TBA (Ticketed)

Things to Look Forward to in 2022

After a chance meeting with local legend John Cripps, aka DJ Crippsy, Faith In Strangers will be working alongside John to organise a Starlight Club reunion. If you remember the Starlight, please comment below and get in contact with Faith In Strangers if you have any photos

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