A trip to Dinky Town for Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils

Fun at Dinky Town for RAPS pupils

Learning through play activities is a cornerstone of early years education at Ramsgate Arts Primary School in Ramsgate.

So when the chance came for Reception group girls and boys to take a trip to Dinky Town they couldn’t wait to start their adventure.

It is a little town created for little people in a safe play setting just off Pysons Road in Ramsgate – and the RAPS outing was the first educational visit for the young children in the school minibus.

The centre offers a range of inter-active facilities where children can let their imaginations run riot as they play act roles in a range of miniature work, business and shop settings.

These include a school, doctors, supermarket, fire station, police station, an aircraft, a builders yard, café, farm, tube train, and petrol station.

Sophie Spurrier is Early Years Foundation Studies lead at RAPS. She said: “It was a real treat for our little ones. They have been learning about people that help us in the community through our topic ‘Our Heroes’.

“Visiting Dinky Town consolidated this learning and they had the chance to role play as real life heroes too. They were so excited to be going on an outing in the minibus and their reaction to Dinky Town was amazing – they had the best time.

“Developing your imagination through play learning is very important for young children and you could see them quickly become absorbed in the roles they decided to take on.

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“Dinky Town is tailor-made for fun and learning and is the perfect setting for girls and boys to create lasting memories – it was a great experience for all 60 pupils who were talking about it for days afterwards.”

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