Anger as child among pedestrians pelted by eggs thrown by men in a car

A child was among those hit by eggs thrown from a car in Margate

Police are investigating after a ten-year-old was pelted with eggs by occupants of a red car in Margate this morning (December 2).

The youngster was at the bus stop in Cecil Square at 8.15am when she was hit with the eggs, forcing her to go home and change before going to school.

Her furious mum Isabella said: “It happened at Cecil Square bus stop outside the council office at 8.15am this morning.

It has been reported to police because no matter how petty this may be to some people, they technically assaulted a child.

“It seems they’ve reeked havoc all around Margate. I got off the bus in Cliftonville and there are eggs everywhere.”

A second incident took place this morning by the former Royal School for Deaf Children site in Victoria Road, although the culprits were this time driving a green car.

Margate mum Karen Chantler, who was taking her 10-year-old son to school, was hit as two men chucked eggs from the car at around 8.20am.

She said: “We walked down the road, past the old Royal School for Deaf children and as we got to the bottom of the road towards the junction I was hit by an egg on the bottom of my coat, feeling the full force.

“The yolk of the egg landed on a member of the public’s shoes. From what I could see there were two men in the front of the car and it was a dark green vehicle.

“The other member of the public saw them slow down as they approached us and that’s when the egg hit and then they carried on driving off. There is also a black car parked just where it happened where two of the side tyres looked like they had been slashed recently. I don’t know if this was done by the same people or not but they were badly slashed tyres and this had been done lots of times.

“As we carried on walking towards the junction after this happened, there was another egg shell on the ground just on the corner. It was completely unprovoked and by the looks of things numerous children have witnessed this sort of behaviour. It is utterly atrocious and they need to be caught. Something needs to be done before more innocent people get hurt.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At 8.30am Kent Police received a report that an occupant of a red vehicle had thrown eggs at a group of people standing at a bus stop in Cecil Square, Margate.

“The incident itself was said to have taken place around 15 minutes earlier.

“The circumstances are being assessed and anyone with information which can assist with enquiries is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 02-0190.”

People can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or by using the anonymous online form on their website.


  1. They’re child abusers, something that should be known to their fellow inmates (IF they’re caught/charged/imprisoned that is!).

  2. I saw plenty of broken egg shells along the pavement in Northdown Road Cliftonville this morning that wasn’t there before so it looks like these morons have been galavanting all over the place attacking kids. Nothing will happen to them though if caught.

  3. There are a number of yobs who are stealing boxes of eggs from Tesco Extra The food Wherehouse Iceland over the past few month I suspect these could well be the same yobs as those who have been smashing windows. What are the police doing about this I would like to know. This is NOT “anti social “ as our WOKE police like to call it, it’s criminal behaviour.

  4. In some states in America kids curfews are in place they are not allowed on the streets at night unless with a responsible adult. We could do that in Thanet.

  5. Well I consider it anti-social behaviour, throwing eggs at anyone, a child or adult is anti-social, and seems to be as a result of poor policing, when did anyone last see a policeman on foot anywhere? There seems to be a breakdown in society whereby some people think they can do anything they like, because they know they won’t be caught! In my newspaper yesterday was a report of some men in a boat deliberately blocking the RNLI Lifeboat from sailing, and this was 4 days before the terrible loss of life in France when 27 people drowned, when their RIB overturned! It makes you ashamed to be British!

    • As you say it was in france and so hardly likely to be a matter for the rnli, the pictures in the media showed a standard inflatable rather than a rib ( rigid inflatable boat). That eventually people, attempting a criminal act in unsuitable overloaded boats with no training or any semblance of risk assessment , died is hardly a surprise. They paid for a service they knew to be illegal and dangerous, misadventure probably best describes their demise.
      That some attempted to prevent the lifeboat sailing (they were unsuccessful ,and were never going to prevent it going ) is just as reprehensible as the ecoloons that blocked the m25, this stopped as soon as some were jailed, use the same approach to those blocking the rnli and you’ve solved the issue of active protest.

      • You may be interested to know that migrants trying to enter the UK using inflatables is due to Brexiteers! When we were in the EU anyone entering the UK illegally from an EU country, could be sent back to the first EU country they arrived at. But since we are no longer a member of the EU no EU country is obliged to receive them! The migrants know this, so if they manage to get to the UK they can stay here, without any fear of being returned to France, or any other EU country! It begs the question though, where does the UK send refused asylum seekers, if they can’t be sent back to an EU country? So, you xenophobes out there, who voted to leave the EU, you are to blame for the migrants coming here from France, its known as the Pull Factor, I hope your proud of yourselves!

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