Naughty elves and Christmas toppers have appeared in Minster

Naughty elves and postbox toppers have brought Christmas fun to Minster

Festive fun with a hint of mischief has come to Minster with fabulous postbox toppers and a host of naughty elves.

Fantastic residents Barbara Quittenden, Carol McCarthy and a group of knit bombing friends have decorated the village with the annual Christmas creations.

Nifty knitter Barbara has been creating festive toppers for around seven years after spotting similar ones in Herne Bay.

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Also responsible for Easter decorations and knitted poppy displays, Barbara says she makes them while watching TV and because: “It’s fun to do.” This year she took charge of the elves and Carol made the lovely postbox toppers.

Last year the knitting crew also made an alternative Christmas tree and this year villagers can have some fun spotting those naughty elves while they are up to their antics!


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