Stagecoach to examine CCTV to find culprit who defecated on bus seat


Stagecoach staff are examining CCTV to track down the culprit who defecated on seats of the Number 8 bus on Sunday.

The double decker, which was on route to Canterbury, had to undergo a deep clean at the Stagecoach depot following the disgusting find.

A passenger travelling from Thanet said they caught the bus and noticed the smell after going on the top deck.

They added: “Driver informed but said there is nothing they can do until they get back to the depot.”

A photo of the stomach-turning find was also posted to social media, prompting a flurry of disgusted responses including one person who said: “I can smell that picture.”

A spokesman for Stagecoach said information will be passed to police.

They said: “We took the bus out of service as quickly as possible to undergo a thorough clean and disinfection.”

“This was a particularly unpleasant act and we are examining CCTV footage to identify who did this. We will be passing any information we find to the police.”


  1. i just reinforces what i have always said , thanet is the s**t hole of england ! and just when i thought the beaches were getting better , i wonder who will take the hit next , yes i did say hit. i hope those poor bus cleaners get paid time and a turd.

  2. Not the only time, I’ve seen an old woman get on the bus at Cecil sq out of her nut, sit down had a piss right at the disabled seat and got off within 30 seconds about 8pm on the 6th November

  3. Real world. If you don’t like THANET clear off. It is your pathetic comments that give the impression we all share your views which we don’t. As disgraceful as it seems the person who was responsible may have been “taken short” and if they had to go they may not have been able to stop. On the other hand they may just be a dirty B.

  4. oh i didnt realise its only your opinion that counts bill. it must be really something that your opinion is always the right one, anyway it might have been one of our local MP,s they are full of it.

  5. well i suppose you could say stagecoach does provide a s**t service. and anyway in this woke world we suddenly live in, shouldnt they supply soft toilet rolls for customers that might need to drop anchor ?

  6. Maybe buses should have a toilet on them now. Considering all the public toilets that are being sold off. Even some of the shops have closed there toilet since the pandemic and not opened it.

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