Search for owner after sad discovery of dog’s body at bottom of cliff in Ramsgate

The sad discovery was made at the bottom of the cliff by the artificial beach

An appeal has been made to try and find the owner of a young dog found dead at the bottom of a Ramsgate cliff on Friday (November 19).

The male Chihuahua is white with light brown patches and not neutered or chipped. His body was spotted at the bottom of the Westcliff on Friday night and, following a post to facebook yesterday, members of the Missing Dogs and strays in Thanet team retrieved his body,

The dog, named Sweetpea by the volunteers, is currently at  Briar House Veterinary Practice. Thanet council and the RSPCA will be notified tomorrow.

Laura Sullivan, from MDST, said: “If an owner does not come forward we will arrange with Treasured Friends to do a cremation for him.

“The two volunteers who retrieved him have named him Sweetpea so he has dignity for now,

“If you believe this dog to be yours or think you know where he is from please message (on the MDST facebook page here).

“We do have photos if an owner comes forward and has proof of ownership.”


  1. There is no way to message the Facebook group you have mentioned and linked us to, only a button to apply to join. You cannot comment on a post either.

    • Hi I’ve now turned comments on the Isle Thanet News post, if you’d like to message me personally if you have any information?
      Laura Sullivan

      • I do wish articles like this would include email addresses rather than links to social media (most people I know aren’t on FB).

  2. Either the dog has an owner that is totally irresponsible-lets it run around without being on a leash, doesn’t get it chipped despite that being the law, doesn’t bother getting it neutered either & doesn’t care when it vanishes, they threw it over the cliff themselves, they dumped it somewhere near because they no longer wanted it, or it is a stray.

  3. Have the resident travellers in the adjacent port been asked ? they seem to have many dogs ! and maybe not on fb.

    • Apparently local people have asked the people on the site and they have no dogs missing.

      While they have small terror dogs to keep down rats they don’t keep Chihuahuas as they are not much use for that role.

  4. This is the third death of a dog I have read about in recent days e.g. one which was used in lamping was left in the middle of a field with a broken back left to die another was left in a plastic box with no food or water left by the roadside left to die and now this boy at the bottom of a cliff, I have no doubts that a person was involved in this I doubt whether a dog would deliberately jump off of a my money is on human involvement which does not surprise me in the least people who do this are pure evil and should be treated accordingly prison is too good for them

  5. A few days ago there was a news item about a dog which fell off a cliff. It was with its owner at the top of the cliff, but it was not on a lead.

    The animal in the item above was not a boy, it was a male (I assume ) dog.

  6. Marva, fyi dogs are members of the canine group of animals males( boys) are dogs females are bitches your ignorance of dogs shows no bounds.My money is still on a sub human being involved in this boys death.

  7. Male dogs are dogs and female dogs are bitches- yes, I know that, but they are not “boys” or “girls”-they are animals and the correct terminology should be used. Calling an animal a boy or girl is surely as disrespectful as calling a human female a bitch is.

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