Appeal for sightings of missing greyhound Molly – and reminder of collie Stanley missing for three years

Molly ran off after being spooked by fireworks

An appeal is being made for people to keep a watch for a rescue greyhound that has been missing from her St Nicholas-at-Wade home since October 30.

Greyhound Molly, who is around 10 years old, was in her garden at around 7.30pm when a local display of fireworks started.

Her owners come out into the garden and Molly was gone. There have been no sightings or news of her since. Railway, Highways and River authorities have been made aware. Despite organised searches there has been no sign of Molly.

The Harvey’s Army pet charity is providing 5000 A5 leaflets and these will be available for distribution soon.

Molly is chipped and neutered.

For sightings of Molly call 07834 366 753.

Have you seen Stanley?

This month also marks three years since elderly dog Stanley bolted after being spooked by fireworks.

Collie-cross Stanley, who was 13-year-old at the time, was last seen near Thanet Earth in Seamark Road after running off down the dual carriageway from Minster to Monkton.

The black and white collie is hard of hearing.

Despite days, weeks and months of searches being organised, a drone going up, possible sightings being followed up it has not been established where Stanley went that night.

Laura Sullivan, from the Missing Dogs and Strays group which heads up the searches, said: “Stanley should have been spending his twilight years within the home of his loving family whom he had been with for nearly all of his life, this sadly wasn’t to be…..

“We hope and pray that on that night one of the many delivery drivers that go in and out Thanet Earth found him, exhausted from his flight thought he’d been dumped, probably didn’t know what to do when you find a dog, as so many people don’t, picked him up and took him home where he is now curled up on someone’s sofa in front of a fire.”

For sightings of Stanley call 07793 464 622.

Alternatively contact Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet on facebook here


  1. So sad that Molly is still missing ,but did you not know there was a firework display ? My cat is not scared of them but I kept her in in case she bolted

    • Sorry just realised it was 30 October and you would not have expected fireworks at that time of year ,someone must know someone who has acquired agreyhound?
      Will keep a look out for her in Rams Gate

  2. This is why fireworks should be banned,every year in nov or new years day. Am sorry that just how i feel about it.

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