Manston Road closure following three car crash

Emergency services

A road closure is in place following a three car crash in Birchington this morning (November 14).

Kent Police was called at around 8.30am to a report of the crash on Manston Road, at the Shottendane Road junction.

Officers and South East Coast Ambulance Service attended the scene where a woman was treated for injuries and then taken to a local hospital for further medical attention.

The road remains closed while patrols make arrangements for recovery of the vehicles.


    • Interesting Dave, I’ve not come across people not stopping at that junction but every time I arrive there, either from shottendane or Margate hill, so many cars hurtle along Manston road, I know they have priority but it’s common sense to approach any junction with caution, not just shoot through regardless 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • I travel along Manston Road often and on several occasions I’ve had cars pulling out in front of me from both Shottendane Rd and Margate Hill. I don’t “hurtle” but many don’t seem to anticipate cars going straight ahead towards Birchington rather than turning off. I agree it’s a very dangerous junction, to be taken very carefully.

    • spot roundabouts are not the answer as most drivers ignore them, they just drive over them , the obvious answer is for all drivers to approach junction with caution, but unfortunately you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery.

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