Ramsgate restaurant owner looks forward to completion of first year after customer support helped business through tough covid months

Spice Garden looks forward to marking its 1st anniversary thanks to loyal customers

A dad-of-two who opened his new restaurant in Ramsgate amid the pandemic has thanked customers for helping to keep his dream alive.

Atik Mohammad, who lives in Margate with his wife and two children, opened the doors to Spice Garden in Hereson Road in January.

But the covid pandemic meant there were continuing restrictions for the first part of the year and he was unable to cater for dine in customers.

Atik says he, like many other hospitality businesses, decided to operate as takeaway only and the support of customers throughout that period was a huge relief.

He said: “Thankfully we were able to operate as a takeaway only business which was a huge relief and meant we could give the town of Ramsgate a taste of our authentic Bengal fusion.

“The response and support has been overwhelming and we are so proud of what we have achieved. Now we have the restaurant up and running being able to see our fantastic customers enjoy a complete dining experience has really made everything worthwhile.”

The Spice Garden, which has a five star food hygiene rating, offers free deliveries and 15% discount on collection.

Customers can also bring their own drinks, there is no corkage charge.

Opening hours are  12pm-2pm lunchtime  and 5pm-11 pm evenings.

Find the Spice Garden website here


  1. Another non English food outlet! I know one that serves traditional English food, from sausages and mash, Shepherds Pie etc, to various roast dinners, and its always packed out because its got too popular! There is English food other than an unhealthy “breakfast”, so why doesn’t someone open a decent English cafe/restaurant in Ramsgate at least?

  2. Why don’t you open one instead of whining about other people’s success? It speaks volumes about your character that the only thing you have to say about someone making a success of their venture is comment on the cuisines (and by extension the owner’s) heritage. Less of you, more of Spice Garden as their food is 👌

    • Your a Pillock Blandy McBlandface, I am in my 8th decade thats why, and my expertise is in nuclear engineering, and building power stations! My comment was an appeal for someone who can cook traditional English food, which if its cooked properly isn’t as fattening as Asian/Chinese food. Try it why don’t you, you may like it, Duurh!

  3. Great food and the delivery people are always very friendly – they have a really interesting selection of food on offer and the lemon rice is an absolute favourite!

  4. Your a Pillock Brandy McBlandface! My expertise is in nuclear engineering, and building power stations, and I am in my 8th decade! I was trying to make an appeal for someone to open a cafe/restaurant serving traditional English food, which is much healthier than Asian or Chinese food served in Britain, which has been mostly changed to suit British taste, with too much fat, salt, and sugar!

    • Your post was not an appeal… It was a criticism of “foreign food” and you know it… At least have the guts to stand by your intended meaning and say “yes, I am a narrow-minded Little Englander!”

      This chap has opened a business which looks to be thriving, fantastic news. His business thrives because there is a market for what he is offering. If someone else decides to open a restaurant specialising in English cuisine, I hope that too is successful. But, someone will only open one if a) they have the skills and expertise to do so and b) there is a market for it. Usually, when there is a market for something, someone will fill it.

      Stick to nuclear engineering and bigotry.

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