Volunteer power at Ellington Infant School results in amazing library launch

The brilliant library volunteers at Ellington

Children at Ellington Infant School in Ramsgate are enjoying their newly organised library thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers.

After the impact of Covid 19 left schools closed to the majority of children, the school library fell into disuse as year groups and classes were kept separated in school.

Headteacher Adnan Ahmet, who is passionate about the power of books, saw the library as a key part of his vision for the school and so advertised for any volunteers who were interested in taking on a librarian role. This resulted in a team of volunteer librarians being recruited, both from the local community and from as far away as Herne Bay.

The librarians have worked hard to catalogue all of the books and create an inviting and bright environment for all to enjoy.

Ellington Infant School headteacher Adnan Ahmet

Mr Ahmet said:I have been so impressed with what our wonderful librarians have achieved so far, and am looking forward to seeing them take things even further with our library.

“While I was hopeful that there may be someone interested in a volunteer position to give us a helping hand, I was surprised at how much interest we had. It has shown me that there is a fantastic team spirit within our local community and also proven to me the power of volunteers.

“The team we have assembled have worked wonders with our library including cataloguing over 4000 books, which the children will soon be able to borrow to take home to enjoy. It’s amazing that people are willing to give up their own time for the benefit of our children, and we are all so thankful for their continued effort and support.”