Jailed Broadstairs drug dealer ordered to pay £86,648 under Proceeds of Crime Act

JAILED: Rennie Ash

 A convicted drug dealer from Broadstairs has been ordered to pay back almost £90,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The order means that Rennie Ash, who is currently serving a prison sentence for supplying cocaine, will have to surrender illegally gained assets including money, cars and designer clothing. Ash had previously been sentenced in April 2021, to six years and nine months’ imprisonment. Ash pleaded guilty to two counts relating to class A drug dealing and possessing an offensive weapon and criminal property.

He had been arrested after police stopped his van in Margate in March 2019, as it did not have a valid MOT certificate. Officers discovered a large block of cocaine inside the vehicle, with a street value of around £20,000, along with cash, cannabis and a knuckleduster. A search of his then home in Belmont Road, Broadstairs uncovered a further £40,000 in cash.

Following the sentencing, financial investigators from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate examined Ash’s criminal earnings under the Proceeds of Crime Act. On October 26, a confiscation order was made at Canterbury Crown Court for £86,648. This included £55,948 of seized cash, two motor vehicles, as well as items of clothing, shoes and jewellery. If Ash fails to pay the sum within three months he faces an additional two years in prison.

Detective Superintendent Patrick Milford said: “Kent Police does not stop at the point of conviction and we will continue to use the full extent of the legislation contained within the Proceeds of Crime Act. No one should be allowed to benefit financially from committing crime, and we have again used this legislation to ensure criminals like Ash are made to pay back money they have made through illegal activities.”


  1. You see it on the police programmes on TV, a car or van being stopped for a rear light out, no insurance, speeding etc and inside are known criminals and drugs.
    Some of them are not exactly clever, are they? Don’t draw attention to yourself if you are on the make.

  2. Well done to the police and judiciary – a good arrest and just desserts for the peddler of misery.
    Let’s have more of this!

  3. Don’t encourage to get their act together, I’m glad they’re as think as s#!t, let’s hope more of these vermin get caught.

  4. hmm hand over the £86,648. or two more years in jail
    he got weigh up jail or £86,648. when comes out.
    By the way cokes a bad drug glad he is of the street for a while

    • Someone would have taken his place instantly. Where there is a need there is always a supply and i would say at least half the crowd down broadstairs and ramsgate on a weekend night want the stuff

  5. That is if the “no mot” is the real reason.

    By the amount of cash and drugs seized he was one of the “big boys”.

    I know people in the force and a lot of work they call it intelligence can take Months , the Police will not blow their cover and say we arrested ?? , the bottom end man, we were going to charge him but let him off because he gave us ?? next man up and him well he was looking at a very long sentence , he not like the idea so gave us yours.

    Nah its no mot or back light out.
    There was a car stopped a few years ago on a routine check and in that car a very large amount of drugs were found.

    There will other dealers who will now ensure their car has an mot and lights are working and a word to them, its not your car , you WILL get caught its just a matter of time , no one is going to prison for you.

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