Cliftonville Farmers’ Market cancelled due to predicted stormy weather

Cliftonville Farmers Market Photo Frank Leppard

Cliftonville Farmers’ Market is cancelled tomorrow (October 31) due to predicted storms.

The market has a new home at the Walpole Bay Lawns, at the back of the Walpole Bay Hotel, and had planned for 24 food and drink stalls to be in place.

For the past almost two decades Cliftonville Farmers Market had taken place at The Oval Lawns and Bandstand but traders have now made a permanent move to Walpole green.

Organiser June Chadband said: “We have made the decision to cancel the market tomorrow because of the stormy weather conditions forecast, with winds of 45mph and rain.

“This will be only the third cancellation in 20 years but safety is of paramount importance.”

The market takes place o the last Sunday of each month between 9am-1pm.


  1. Great news that it has a new permanent home… But I and I expect a lot of others have only found it’s on because it isn’t… If you see what I mean.

    • We did not know ourselves until Thursday, that we were going to be able to use the site as our future home. It was posted on our social media sites but I do appreciate that not everybody uses them.
      We could not take the risk of operating in high winds and rain.
      I am very disappointed for all the stallholders who will lose this months trading, especially as they lost their August trading through the cancellation of the market by the new landlords of our old site.
      It has taken me since the last market, to get permission from TDC
      to be able to use this new site for the foreseeable future.
      We hope you all will continue to give your support to this community run event.
      The next market will be held on Sunday November 28th and then the December market will be on the Sunday before Christmas, December 19th 2021 and not rhe last Sunday.

  2. Shame it had to be cancelled but totally understandable. As a stallholder (stour valley game and butchers)we will be delivering around Cliftonville tomorrow morning so to order email [email protected]

  3. Such a shame so many of the traders have been left down with excess produce that they are now desperately trying to sell. Why didn’t you let them sell out of their vehicles like you have done before without the canopy’s ? Why don’t you have a backup inside venue like the St. Paul’s hall where traders aren’t been let down lastminute?It’s all seems to be a bit of a shambles recently with no contingency plans. I’m not keen on the new location but appreciate the market continues, the field however will be a mud bath in winter not great for us with reduced mobility.

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