Motorcyclist taken to QEQM after crashing into Ramsgate Costcutter shop

The rider was treated by paramedics and then taken to QEQM for checks

A motorcyclist was taken to QEQM Hospital yesterday (October 25) after crashing into the front door of Costcutter in King Street.

The motorbike reportedly ended up inside the store.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report of a motorbike colliding with a building shortly before 5pm on Monday 25 October.

“Officers attended the scene in King Street, Ramsgate. A man reported injuries and was taken to a local hospital.”

South East Coast Ambulance Service sent one crew to the scene and say the man was “assessed and treated at the scene before being taken to QEQM Hospital for further checks.”


  1. Dont tell me “another dangerous road” nothing to do with idiots riding like Barry Sheene!!

    Saw three on Newington Road popping wheelies on their motorbikes this afternoon!
    And then another one overtaking cars along Margate Road.

    Motorcyclists are the main problem when it comes to incidents because they think they have more rights than everyone else!

    • Your typing a load of bollocks most motorcyclist ride in a safe manner

      People like you are the main problem a motorcyclist has the same rights as any other road user & from experience more motorists cause issues on the road because they do not look properly

      • Got to disagree with you Martyn. Motorcyclists in Thanet are out of control. All you can hear all over Thanet is dickheads on motorbikes breaking speed limits and driving dangerously. The noise these dickheads make when speeding is disgusting. It’s about time the police started dishing out the fines and bans for reckless driving.

        • I am retired I now own a trike & a campervan I am very aware when out in or on my vehicles whats going on around me I have seen so many near misses and accidents where the driver of a car was at fault, so OK you can hear some motorcycles Harleys are loud and recognisable even straight from the dealer, if anybody on the road is reckless & get caught they only have themselves to blame, I have been going from the Tesco roundabout down to the viaduct many times & have nearly been knocked flying by cars because they wanted to exceed the speed limit even with cameras along there

    • These, and this guy in particular, are not ‘motorcyclists’.
      As a generality, they are very young idiot teenagers that ride these mopeds / scooters as if they were on a race track and need to grow up before they kill themselves.
      The majority of real motorcyclists are law abiding, skilful riders. Please don’t confuse the two types.

    • See them every weekend on the Ramsgate Road up to Westwood Cross way driving like lunatics, often no helmet or protective clothing, often doing wheelies etc-you just hope they will find a nice tree or lamppost to crash into or go flying onto the concrete without injuring any other motorists or pedestrians.

      These idiots don’t seem to comprehend that a bike will always come off second best if it hits a car or lorry. As Ton says they do tend to be teenagers or in their 20’s, although not always-people in their 40’s who should know a lot better occasionally.

      Unlike Ton I have zero interest in whether they kill themselves or end up in a wheelchair for life-it is just one less moron on the roads causing problems for everybody else & clearly they have no interest in others safety/health, as long as they don’t kill or injure anybody else.

  2. i had one of these prats come round the corner at the granville this week , on the wrong side of the road and he continued in the lane towards me , i cant say im surprised at all , they just seem to enjoy making a noise and weaving all over the road. = SPLAT !!

  3. You should live on Beacon Road Broadstairs it’s like Brand’s hatch every day never see any traffic police in this area!!!!!!

  4. There are a few that ride around here in convoy at speed on pavements sometimes on the road.

    Lucky enough,they have removed their silencers to give pedestrians very early warning. Then we point and laugh at them as they pass by.

    • I have seen kids on motorcycles riding on pavements with the rear number plates removed they are obviously upto no good but are a minority seen them many times in Dane Park

  5. The junction of Kings Street and The Plains of Waterloo again , the same place as the crash that happened nearly 2 weeks ago when a car ended up in the Co Op funeral directors.

    • Your right Tomaz, and I think I know why! Its because the buildings keep jumping out in front of them! can nothing be done to stop these irresponsible building just standing there one minute, then jumping out in front of vehicles/motor bikes?

      Seriously though the Thanet police are useless at speeding, or reckless motor bikes, and illegal electric scooters! I have nearly been hit 8n times by sometimes children on these machines! Yesterday a young girl overtook me on an e-scooter, and I was riding my bike! All electric scooters on public road/pavements are illegal, yet the police are doing nothing about it, Duuurh.

  6. At least he has learned his lesson.
    Rule 1, never do a ram raid on a motorbike..

    I had some idiots on quite big bikes overtake me on the road from St Nicholas to Birchington. They waited until they were next to me and then pulled wheelies weaving all over the road. At least dashcam footage passed to the police.

  7. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic. Given a motorcycle’s small size, its visibility may be limited by glare or obstructed by other cars on the roadway.

  8. Well said Martyn. Also, studies have shown that motorists underestimate the speed of smaller objects versus larger ones. So the brain calculates a motorbike as going slower than it is, so the motorist’s more likely to pull out in front. On the other hand, they tend to perceive lorries and buses to be going faster than they are so tend to hold back. I always try and remember this at a junction and give my brain an extra second to calculate the speed a motorcycle is approaching. Or when crossing the road!

  9. Sorry Martyn but you need to see that the majority of motorcyclists are at fault.

    Yes motorists (of which I’m not) should look, BUT you shouldn’t expect an idiot to be overtaking you when you’re making a turn!.

    Most of these problems are prats on Mopeds or Trial Bikes NOT real motorcycles.

    Riding down the roads three abreast chatting is not in the highway code is it?

    • So there you go changing your tune not real motor cyclists? So how can you blame Moticyclists & you don’t drive so do you have a clue on road sence or the highway code?

    • You can nearly always tell them-because they almost always don’t have silencers. I guess the idea is to show off to girls, scare old people when the engine bangs & generally trying to intimidate people.

      • And wake up night workers Steve trying to sleep during the day, when they remove the bafflers from their exhaust pipes! Also Lisa, its a little known law of physics that cyclists become invisible to both motorists, and pedestrians the minute they get on a bike. I nearly killed another pedestrian last week, when she walked straight out into the road without looking, because she was too busy Texting, Duurh! If I had been a car instead of on my bike she would be dead now!

  10. I know the difference between right and wrong to know enough.

    I’m not changing any tune.

    Maybe you should open your eyes and see how many idiots use motorcycles these days!

  11. Tdc’c introduction of the new 20mph speed limit in our town centers & seafronts will alleviate the existing anti social speed merchants. Right!

    I am sure Tdc have everything sorted but i may have missed the proposal of 24/7 compliance.

  12. As someone who has driven motorbikes, cars, HGVs. There are clearly more bad car drivers than bike riders
    Especially in the SE. I have never seen a biker turn right at a roundabout from the inside lane yet car drivers around do it at every roundabout. The standard of car driving in thanet and the SE is the worst in the country.

    Car drivers drive to fast are impatient and if you give way to them you might be lucky and get a thank you , but not hold your breath. Car have little orange lights that flashes try USING them when turning and not just when parking on double yellow lines.
    The amount of cars in thanet have illegal numbers to they move the letters and numbers to make words, now they have a crazy of tinting the number plates to make it harder for the police to read.

  13. There are 5 moped /scooter riders who are usually together licensed, is the only legal part of them being on the road in most cases if not all 2 no insurance 1 has had his piaggio moped taken by the police for drugs use and no insurance slapped wrist £100 fine & 3 points on provisional licence, they are a nightmare. But they are not the only ones on the road to many inconsiderate drivers in thanet, a bit more care from all road users and it would be much better for everyone, but a big but its the amount of drug drivers out there alcohol is not causing so much of accidents compared to drugs both are as bad as each other and those who drive under the influence should have the full force of the law brought upon them. Yes there are some really good lawful drivers on the road but no where near enough I personally gave up driving because I the way my health was going I was positive I would have been a danger to those around me and I wasn’t prepared to possibly be put in a situation where someone would be hurt or something worse. To many think they are perfect drivers yeah truth is very view are I wasn’t I know that. Do what I did & still do report them registration, make of bike/car if you see anything or you know that they have taken drugs or are drunk or more than a pint and are driving better still get the keys, I’ve no idea how this chap had his accident but I hope he is OK.

  14. Richard.. police have been on this road and we do know who you are.. bike riders you are referring to are safe legal and maybe young but do thing right. So stop being a busy body, talk to them and old fashioned. Yes there are people who do wrong but we keep seeing your posts and the lies you are trying to spread…

  15. Everyone should be made to ride a motorbike or Scooter as part of the driving test requirement ( if capable ) to give them some insight of the dangers, from both perspectives.I ride and drive.

  16. of the two shops / businesses that got crashed into in ramsgate , i suppose the undertakers was the best option – not so far to take the remains?

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