Ramsgate teen takes Lonsdale MTK Global Box Cup champion title for the third time

Champ Chaz (centre) with the contingent from Hornets Boxing Club

A teenage boxer from Ramsgate has taken the title of Lonsdale MTK Global Box Cup champion for the third time in a row.

Chaz Butters, 14, won his matches at the three-day competition at the Penrith Leisure Centre in Cumbria.

Coach Phillip Butters took four boxers from The Hornets Boxing Club in Ramsgate to the competition for the amateur Lonsdale MTK belt – Chaz: Alfie Arrenberg, 17; Brandon Peters, 23, and 26-year-old Callum Sandy.

Chaz boxed his semi-final against a Scottish National Champion from Rob Roy Boxing in Glasgow. The Ramsgate youngster boxed very strong to force a retirement after one round.

In the final Chaz boxed against a lad from Lambton Street Boxing Club in Sunderland and claimed victory to become Lonsdale MTK Global Box Cup champion for the third time, having won the competition in 2018,2019 and 2021. The event was cancelled last year due to covid restriction.

Alfie Arrenberg lost his semi-final on the Saturday to a well-schooled boxer from The Ring boxing club in Bracknell. Brandon Peters boxed very well in his first ever bout but lost in a very close split decision to an unbeaten lad from Northside boxing in Manchester.

Callum Sandy was in his semi-final vs an opponent from The Army Boxing Team and, while he wobbled his opponent in the first round,  Callum lost on another very close split decision.

The Hornets Boxing Club is based at  18 Leigh Road, Ramsgate.

Find more details on the Hornet’s website here


  1. Boxing is a barbaric sport.

    If you see a couple of blokes having a fist fight in the street, the police are called,the two arrested and then up before a magistrate who issues a fine.

    But if the fight is licensed, then pots of money will be made by the boxers,the promoters,advertisers and of course Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

    So fighting is allowed just as long as a profit can be made.

    • What a ridiculous comment. This is the problem with today society, a young man achieved something you cannot dream of doing and rather than congratulate him on his victory you decided to make it a political spew of nonsense. Grow up.

      • A most erudite response from one of Thanet’s premier scholars.

      • A most erudite response from one of Thanet’s premier scholars.

  2. well i know now never to vote or support your party after your posting , is this a personal opinion or part of your partys doctrine ?

  3. yes you probably will , but you will only ever be spewing nonsense and rattling the tin in town centres , you will never make a change, and certainly wont be running the country , do ever read the news your dream ended years ago

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