Council team clears Dane Park debris after tree damage due to high winds

High winds caused tree damage in Dane Park Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet council staff are clearing tree damage at Dane Park in Margate which was caused by high winds last night (October 20).

Park user Michael-Paul Thompson said: “The path was covered with broken branches from many trees, including the main one which appears to have rotten roots that snapped during the storm.

Photo Michael-Paul Thompson

“Another tree on the other side of the park has snapped near the top, and even in the tree-covered pathway there’s evidence of seemingly healthy branches breaking off.”

Photo Frank Leppard

Yesterday the Met Office issued an amber warning for very heavy rain across the south-east.

Photography With Evangeline

Thanet’s open spaces team is currently clearing the debris at the park.

Photo Frank Leppard

A council spokesperson said: “We were notified early this morning (Thursday 21 October) of damage to a tree in Dane Park, caused by recent high winds. Our Open Spaces team is in attendance, with two vehicles, and is clearing the area of debris.”

Photography With Evangeline

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  1. Wait for someone to blame the council for the high winds damaging the trees!!!!

    One down in the alleyway between Dame Janet also!

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