Thanet high rises become first in Kent to be fitted with fire service building information plates

KFRS crews outside Invicta House, Margate, with Claire Pryce, Asset Manager at TDC and Mark Soave from MEARS, who installed the plates.

Tower blocks in Thanet have become the first in Kent to be fitted with new information plates to help firefighters in an emergency.

Invicta House in Margate, and Trove Court and Kennedy House in Ramsgate, now have external plaques featuring key information about the premises, such as the number of floors, flats and lifts, as well as the location of water supplies, which could be vital in the event of a fire.

The initiative was launched in the county by Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS), in partnership with Thanet District Council (TDC).

KFRS Station Manager, Ray Harney, who was the lead project officer for the scheme, said: “The main purpose of the plate is to provide crews with vital information when they first arrive at an incident.

“The details are clear to read in a graphic format, so firefighters can quickly gather the information they need and use it their advantage when responding to an emergency.”

The visual facts will add to the existing information KFRS holds electronically about residential high-rise buildings across Kent and Medway.

Ray added: “We’re really pleased to have worked with Thanet District Council on the launch of this initiative and hope to install more of these plates at high -rise buildings throughout the county.”

Cllr Jill Bayford, Cabinet Member for Housing at TDC, said: “The safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us, and this project is a great example of the benefits of our ongoing partnership with Kent Fire and Rescue Service.”

Thanet council is also one of a handful of authorities in the country to have personal escape plans for any housing block resident who would need assistance in the event of a fire/evacuation.

This information is shared with Kent Fire and Rescue Service and stored in the fire services room in each block.


  1. This is an interesting and a welcome development for council owned high rise blocks in Thanet. I understand this has been policy across London in many boroughs for many years.
    and simply illustrates how behind the times TDC have been.

  2. Thanet has 6 high rises? Each will have been assessed and there be an action plan in place and training given in respect of any fire and rescue response to them. You’d think this information would be on board each appliance so it could be reviewd on route to a call out, you’d hardly want to see the crews standing there craning their necks holding a torch to read it before getting on with their job.
    It’s a bit of a moral boost for the residents. It’s not even at eye level, hardly the most convenient position in an emergency, though no doubt if it were easily accessible some idiot would spray graffitti on it before going in to set fire to the bin chutes.

    • I live in Invicta House, the plaque is about 10 foot high away from anything to stand on. But knowing that some of the people here will go to extreme lengths to cause havoc, you’re probably right that it won’t stop them!

      • Yep, just the opportunity for some trumpet blowing photo “ look how clever we are” , can you imagine on the night.

        “ come on lads get the step ladders out , complete the working at heights risk assessment , hugh – you on ladder 1 hold the torch, pugh – you read the instructions on ladder 2, barney magrew – you take notes. Cuthbert and Dibble – steady a step ladder each. Grub -get a hose out”

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