Thanet firms recruiting through DWP and unemployment rates on isle show improvement

Job Centre

Thanet Earth, Central Cars, Thai Village restaurant, the Army and several health and social care providers are among those currently offering jobs through Thanet’s Job Centre services.

The drive for recruitment also involves businesses and organisations getting involved with several work schemes to get people into employment.

This includes the Border Force which is recruiting though the Sector-based Work Academies run with Job Centre staff.

The picture for unemployment levels in Thanet is improving compared to last year when the country was suffering lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) data, published on Kent County Council’s website, shows  6375 people classed as unemployed but actively looking for work. This is 2,065 less than in August 2020- a drop of more than 24%. However, at 7.9% Thanet still has the highest unemployment rate in the county.

For 18-24 year olds, data shows some 1,100 are unemployed, which at 11.4% is the highest rate in the South East. However, the number is reduced by around 36% compared to August 2020.

There are 18,325 Universal Credit claimants for Thanet across all categories, including those in work, as of September 9.

There are several schemes in place aimed at helping people back into work.

The Kickstart scheme, for 16-24 year olds, was due to end with the last placement date being December 31 but this has now been extended by government to March 2022.

Employers need to get their applications in on GOV.UK by December 17 to take part. There are currently 158 placements available in Thanet with employers in various sectors including hospitality, retail, creative and media, administration, manufacturing, teaching and education and construction.

The Kickstart Scheme helps young people develop skills, confidence and workplace experience to support them into long-term sustainable employment.

A network of Kickstart District Account Managers ensure the scheme is rolled out in a targeted way that is responsive to local labour markets, including Thanet.

All referrals to Kickstart Scheme jobs are made by a young person’s Work Coach, who will discuss Kickstart Scheme job opportunities with them prior to making a referral.

Work Coaches take into account a young person’s eligibility, suitability and motivation for the role and the fact that they would benefit from the employability support provided in the Kickstart Scheme job.

Those looking for work can also use the Job Help website which is personalised to the individual , giving tips on CVs and developing skills.

Training on offer includes Job Finding Support (0-3 months unemployed aimed at those who come off furlough) Job Entry Targeted Support (3-6 months unemployed) Restart (12-18 months unemployed) and a Work and Health Programme for those with health conditions.

Sector Based Work Academies generally run for two weeks and link with employers in retail and customer service, Kickstart placements, security, health and care sector, administration and construction. In Construction attendees will gain a CSCS card to allow them to work on site.

Anthony March, who is the Universal Credit Full Service Partnership Manager lead at Margate said: “These are set up for those who are maybe struggling to get interviews. At the sector based work academy they get an interview but also feedback to help understand where they may be going wrong.”

Employers working with the Job Centre staff include:

Thanet Earth – Looking for 4x Line Leaders, 2 x Production Operative and 2 Production Support members for their packing areas.

Anthony said: “They are using agencies to recruit up until next year but they are aware they can come to the DWP and we can support them locally with local staff.”

Central Cars (Taxi) – Interviewed direct from the Jobcentre on October 12, seeing those interested in becoming a taxi driver

The Thai Village Restaurant and Bar – The business is moving from Ramsgate’s Harbour Street to the former Chiquito’s site at Westwood Cross and is recruiting for hospitality roles

Health and social care recruitment for Caremark, Tender Loving Care, SENSE, Port Regis residential care.

British Army recruiting

Anthony said: “There are many ways to work directly with employers, it might be that we offer them space in the job centre to carry about interviews and/or we promote their vacancies. It really comes down to what they need.”

Employers wanting support from DWP can email [email protected]


  1. Very good article Kathy, anything that helps others to get back on their feet and find their self worth has got to be a good thing for them and Thanet in general.

  2. how wonderful – deep joy ! 8 jobs at one of the worst employers going – taxi driver ? what a career move , thai takeaway ? no comment , and the army , just waiting to tread on the next ied and find yourself disabled and thrown on the scrap heap! its only the tories that could peddle this nonsense.

    • Every one of them preferable to being on the dole. I’ve been a doorman, scaffolder’s labourer, washer-upper at a hotel, life model and taxi cab controller, amongst many others, and don’t regret any of them.

      What do/did you do Mr. World?

    • This must be a joke or bait to get a reply. Well done to all those who applied, working gives dignity and once you are on the ladder great. It’s far easier to improve your job chances if are are working!

  3. I have just employed an 18 year old through kickstart. It’s a great opportunity and also know another local business who has employed through DWP. Doesn’t matter what the company is, it’s giving the next generation to work. And I for one supports the scheme

  4. nothing to demeaning mr checksfield , i always try to keep my self respect , and not to be used as cheap labour , or as a pawn in the juggling of employment figures . hats off to those that do these jobs , and all power to them , but try not to encourage multi million pound companies to use and exploit people.

  5. What arrogance “real world” – and how insulting to those who do what you consider a “demeaning” job. I would far rather work with someone who does that sort of work than to even meet someone with your attitude. We all have different abilities and some people would rather do any job and earn something as opposed to not working and I respect all such persons – and thank them for making their contributing to society in a way in which they are able. What has politics got to do with a job in the Army, working in a Thai restaurant or being a taxi driver – all jobs whatever party is in government.

    • Agree totally Jane. Another thing I should mention is that so called “demeaning” jobs can be used as stepping stones to better jobs. At one point, I was volunteering in the back of a charity shop, sorting out smelly old clothes – hardly what I expected to be doing in my mid-40s. But the fact that I got off my butt and did SOMETHING helped greatly during job applications, so within a few weeks I was doing something far more enjoyable (and getting paid for it).

  6. we are all entitled to an opinion ( at least at the moment ) i would imagine the local employers relish the thought of lots of cheap labour on the minimum wage. they couldnt care less about careers and prospects only thier profits . do you want chips with that ?

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