Emergency services in attendance after vehicle goes through shopfront in Ramsgate

Emergency services were called to the scene

Ambulance, fire service and police have been called to Ramsgate after a car went through the  glass front of Co-op Funeralcare shop in King Street, on the corner of the Plains of Waterloo, this afternoon (October 14).

Fire service, police and ambulance staff are at the scene. (UPDATE) – two people have been injured in the incident, with one man suffering serious injuries. The air ambulance landed in the grounds of Chatham House school and has airlifted one of the injured people.

Two occupants in the car are said to no longer be at the scene.

Photo Podd Smith

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers are currently in Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate, following reports that a car has collided with a building. Kent Police was called at 2.47pm. SECAMB and Kent Fire and Rescue Service are also in attendance. Two people have been injured, one person is being taken to hospital via air ambulance.”

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called shortly after 2.45pm yesterday (14 October) to reports a car had left the road and struck a building in King Street, Ramsgate. Ambulance crews attended and were joined at the scene by the air ambulance service.

“Two patients were assessed and treated at the scene before being taken to hospital. The first patient was airlifted to Kings College Hospital with serious injuries and the second patient was taken to William Harvey Hospital with injuries believed to be less serious.”


  1. Just seen a helicopter landing close to the scene, so perhaps whoever was driving has more serious injuries than at first thought!

  2. We’ve seen one chap with his leg in a bad way being taken away by ambulance just now. At least one other casualty inside as they just took a spinal board into the shop along with a trolley

  3. Stolen car maybe ?
    To run off must be cctv in the area , maybe a pub they ran into but sure many people would see them running.
    I hope the injured recover but from the comments it don’t read good.

      • Then they knew the area , maybe drink / drugs involved my reason for saying this is the position of the car maybe trying to do a left but missed it, car don’t appear to have been speeding or damage would have been worse to the property . I don’t think one is able to speed down that road but even at 30 mph would do damage , any inoccent driver would stop and help .

        • Sounded like the car was speeding from the sound of the screech of tyres before the crunch when it hit the shop, I didn’t see it but definitely heard it. Spoke to another chap who said he estimated speed of between 40 – 50 mph. Cars are always speeding on King Street especially after 6pm.

    • Why? If they’re not tested within an hour or so of the crash, there will be no evidence of drink or drugs.
      Are all drivers involved in collisions under the influence?

      • Why would you run away from the scene, abandoning your car. This is after apparently hitting a pedestrian and them going through the co-op window along with the car.

        The only people who would flee the scene after potentially causing life changing injuries to another person are scum. If you have nothing to hide you would not flee, is as simple as that, so yes they should be charged as under the influence.

  4. I was at tge incident at the time and i feel for the 2 guys one was in a bad way and other was seriously injured.. The people in the car jumped out and ran off cowards we was all there 2 help and to save lifes

  5. At the end of the day it don’t matter with all this who ran an why bollocks only thing that matters is that the people injured are okay an that the people responsible are caught an delt with properly

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