Community drop-in asks for Margate people’s experiences of how Covid-19 changed the way they used their homes

Dalby Square

A research team from the University of Kent is holding a community workshop in Cliftonville tomorrow (October 15) to hear people’s experiences of home during the pandemic.

The team, headed by architecture lecturer Dr Ambrose Gillick, launched a survey in the Summer asking people in Margate, particularly the Dalby Square area, about how their home lives changed over the last year and a half, and how-or if- they had been affected by the lockdowns.

The team now want to meet people during the workshop at St Paul’s Church in Northdown Road which will be running from 10am until noon and then 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Dr Gillick said: “Themes we are interested in are how people used their homes and how this might have changed during lockdown and how they are now remaking their homes after the lockdowns.

“In February 2020 everything was going on as usual and then it all changed with covid, people having to use their homes as workplaces and schoolrooms and care units.

“It changed for people who would  go to a mental health appointment and then found that they were having to do this in their own home, life changed in subtle but profound ways.

“We are interested in how people interacted with services, like police, housing, local authorities and health services. How people experienced these changes is very different to how local authorities did. Did authorities pick up on how people felt.

“We are also interested in how eating habits changed and how people managed their social life and how they are going about that now.

“The last thing we are really interested in is the overall issue of security, did people feel secure in their homes, not just safety but also in their tenure. There was a ban on evictions but there were a number of people in Dalby Square who moved during the pandemic.”

The research project – Making, Unmaking and Remaking Home in Lockdown Margate – aims to look at the social, cultural and domestic changes of home life during Covid-19.

Find more about the project, and the survey, at 



  1. When driving through Dalby Square during Covid, it was apparent nothing had changed. Hoards of immigrants grouped together on the steps of buildings, kids playing in the street, the level of rubbish strewn around did not change.

    Lockdown did not happen at Dalby Square. I found it difficult to believe, so kept going back just to observe how these people take no notice of the rules/laws.

    • So, you went out several times during lockdown to see how people weren’t following Covid regulations???

          • What also amazes me about lockdown (1st lockdown), when kids were off school isolating, they would be out playing, or shopping at Tesco, Asda etc with parents.

            Rules for some, but not for others, as is the case at Dalby Square.

    • I think we all know that lockdown didn’t happen in Cliftonville West area. Non essential shops in Northdown Road open, car wash open, Airbnb open as usual for holidays by the sea, people all gathered in huddles on the streets in the highly populated bedsit roads, kids off school all roaming the streets. You are correct in the analysis of ‘no change’, the Police and Covid Wardens made very little change with it either, mainly just walking past in pairs chatting while ignoring broken emergency regulations, a grand job that was indeed !
      BTW, I was witnessing all this from indoors or on my essential outings.

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