Police dog Ciara visits Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils

PD Ciara and handler PC Barnes visit pupils

Police dog Ciara was put through her paces when she visited children at Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Along with her handler PC Barnes, she demonstrated how she uses her senses to help track down missing property or find lost people.

It was all part of the Year 1 topic Me and My Place that encourages pupils to investigate their senses as well as how to stay safe and how people in their communities help them.

After a chat with PC Barnes, the pupils watched him and Ciara give a demonstration at a safe distance in the school playground of how they work together.

As well as showing how she understands commands, Ciara also used her nose to ‘find’ a volunteer adult hidden in a car and tracked down property including a wallet, phone, key and gloves.

When she located the item Ciara either lay down beside it or barked at it.

The children said it was great treat to meet Ciara and PC Barnes. Pupil Miley Mai said: “I liked seeing Ciara finding someone in the car,” while Ollie-river was impressed how “Ciara sniffed around and then found a wallet.”

The main message from PC Barnes to his young audience is to illustrate how police are friendly people who want to help the community, and for children to feel confident to ask for help if they were lost and saw a police officer. He also explained the type of work that Police Dog Ciara gets up to in her daily life.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “This was real treat for our girls and boys. They learnt a great deal from their friendly chat with PC Barnes and were entranced at how he and Ciara worked so well together.

“Visits into school such as this not only enhance curriculum topics but they also are vital as they help broaden life learning skills.”