Plans for 20mph zone, crossings and road changes on Ramsgate seafront area

Ramsgate seafront could see some changes

Changes to roads on Ramsgate seafront are being proposed by Thanet council.

The works follow a successful bid for £2,704,213 of Government money from the Future High Streets Fund.

The plans are to:

  • Provide improved crossing facilities at Military Road and Leopold Street.
  • Remove the existing pedestrian guarding at the Albion Hill/Harbour Parade/Madeira Walk junction.
  • Introduce a raised highway carriageway with material change to the surface of Harbour Parade.  This will provide a defining location to Harbour Street and creating a distinctive look and character for the Harbour area.
  • Install a signalled junction and crossing point at the Albion Hill/Harbour Parade/Madeira Walk junction.
  • Reduce bus layby capacity to the north side of Madeira Walk.
  • Create a 20mph zone to the seafront area and town centre.

The aim is to increase pedestrian space and reduce vehicle use.

It is anticipated that construction works will start in Autumn 2022 and be completed in Spring 2023.

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Thanet council is asking for views on the plans.

The council says: “The proposals will create a more welcoming space for pedestrians and reduce the dominance of cars in the area, as well as contribute to the wider regeneration of the town centre.

“The proposed changes aim to increase the number of people who are visiting the harbour and seafront to also walk into the retail areas and town centre.”

More information on the proposals here.

Two public drop-in sessions will take place at The Customs House, Ramsgate, on Wednesday 3 November (1pm-3pm) and Thursday 4 November (5pm-7pm) where people can find out more about the scheme, ask any questions and share their views.

Cllr Ash Ashbee, Leader of Thanet District Council, said: “I am delighted that the first of our Future High Street Fund projects starts with this public consultation. It’s really important that our residents, specifically within Ramsgate, tell us what they think of the proposals so their views can be built into these plans.

“By improving the links between key areas of Ramsgate, and by creating a more inviting and welcoming environment to flow between them, is key to help aid the regeneration of the town. I look forward to residents sharing their views with us.”

The results from the consultation will be reported to the Thanet Joint Transportation Board (made up of Thanet District Council and Kent County Councillors) on Tuesday 14 December. The detailed design work, including any feedback from the consultation, will then take place.

The public can comment on the proposals by completing an online survey by 5pm on Friday 26 November. A hard copy is available on request via [email protected].


  1. Will the 20mph zone stretch as far as the Paragon, St Augustine’s Road and Grange Road? Or will that still be a death trap for pedestrians trying to cross any of those roads?

  2. That area needs them changes,so all good !

    Previously mentioned on iotn was the reinstatement of the vehicle barrier on military road, seems to be in progress this morning.
    So many disgruntled motorists having to do U turns and find alternative routes.

  3. Fantastic that there will be public meetings unlike the madcap scheme kent county council who are trying not to engage with regarding the narrowing of the A28 trunk road from birchington into Margate

  4. Sounds a good plan , should get very busy being a safe area, getting there is the problem , unsure if I will risk it on many roads with the speeding motorists.

  5. is the high street fund not for improving the high street and not the sea front. surely the idea of the high street fund is to encourage more businesses to move into the empty shops. funding for the sea front should come from elsewhere, and is using the fund money for anywhere else other than the high street not a case of obtaining funding by way of fraudulent means.

  6. All we hear is “disgruntled” drivers being held up for a few extra seconds because of the new proposals to try and make it SAFE for EVERYONE not to hinder them.

    Most of the roads are like a racetrack around the area and plenty of incidents because some people think they are more self entitled than others just because they drive a car/van.

    We are all someones child and we all need to be looked after on the roads.

    The feral abuse aimed out is disgusting and I take it these “people” dont have family members who walk/cycle most days!.

    We all pay the same taxes regardless of driving or not so we should ALL get some benefit from it!

    Have to say most of the issues I’ve experienced with drivers are middle aged and elderly people who think they own the roads.
    The youth getting caught to drive the past few years are considerably better drivers around pedestrians and cyclists.

    Learn to share the world and remember the next time you’re held up for a few seconds that it’s a human being and not a “f@cking cyclist”, also they could ne related to you too!!

  7. Need to stop motorbikes electric scooter in ashburnham road very busy walk through for people inc.children

  8. It’s all very well concentrating on the harbour, but there are a lot of elderly people living on Wellington Crescent, they need a crossing or two, cars travel along there very fast,it doesn’t give them a chance to get across,there have been a few near misses. Thank you to the few drivers that do stop to let them across, a crossing would be better.

  9. Having visited Ramsgate,for the last 12 yrs on hols,apart from last 2yrs, due to Covid, cannot wait to come back, possibly next year, I was always amazed at speeding drivers using Military Rd, then through Harbour Front, as I sat enjoying a drink, outside my hotel. Only way I can see of slowing down speeding drivers is appropriate Speed bumps, or speed cameras, to deter speeding. 20MPH notices, unless constantly enforced by Police, will be a waste of time. Where I live all Town residential Streets now have speed bumps, strategically placed every so often along the road, which you ignore at your peril, ie, broken springs, no exhaust system, along these roads, just an idea.

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