Police seize 200 cannabis plants at Ramsgate property

Image Kent Police

Kent Police officers have found 200 cannabis plants in a Ramsgate property

Shortly before midnight on Thursday (October 7), officers were called to the property in Thanet Road following reports of people behaving suspiciously in the area.

On arrival police found a trail of cannabis leaves outside, leading to the property.

Following a search at the address, patrols seized the cannabis plants found in various rooms across three floors, as well as cultivation equipment.

No arrests were made and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.


  1. another cottage industry in thanet closed down . drugs seem to be the only thing thats flourishing around here

  2. I love that there was a trail of cannabis leaves leading into the property, like some kind of stoned Enid Blyton baddie. The only problem with people growing cannabis is that they partake of the goods and thus don’t make the cleverest criminals.

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