Punk, a children’s choir, sax and a Cliftonville backdrop combined for gentrification single and video

I Gentrify by Thanet-based band Crabs

Thanet-based  Crabs have joined up their three chord punk with a children’s choir and Italians Do It Better-signed saxophonist Jorja Chambers for a new satirical single.

I Gentrify, with video shot in Cliftonville, charts gentrification in seaside towns.

Crabs say they take their inspiration from what is around them in Margate with I Gentrify highlighting how many people have moved to the town from London – including several band members -bringing changes with them such as the snapping up of housing stock and the rise of holiday lets in residential streets.

The band, which was formed in 2018, document the mundanity of their lives and the world around them using punk riffs.

Guitarist Stewart Turner said: “We recorded a pretty raw version of this a couple of years ago, but in my head it always sounded much bigger.

“When lockdown started to lift in the summer, it seemed that half of our neighbours were now changing every few days, thanks to the proliferation of Airbnbs, and so it seemed like the perfect time for an update.

“We brought some of the lyrics more up to date, layered up more guitars, added a children’s choir and then the icing on the cake was Jorja’s saxophone. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

“As with a lot of our songs, the anger is tempered with humour and a bit of poking fun at ourselves – it would be a lie to say we’ve never enjoyed an overpriced IPA or two.”

Red jumpsuit wearing front man, Chris Anderson is from Thanet, while the rest of the Cliftonville based band have moved to the area from elsewhere.

Chris joked: “Don’t mention the fact that I was born in Ramsgate. I don’t want that to get out – all the others moved from Hackney!”

I Gentrify follows Crabs’ recent collaboration with MSOM, Inspector Morose which saw both artists record their own versions of the same song – the common aspect of both being vocals from Crabs’ Chris Anderson.

You can stream and download I Gentrify on Bandcamp now. The song will be available on all streaming services from October 12.

I Gentrify: Listen | Watch


  1. “Money in the bank and I’m coming for your house”…true for us after trying to get out of downatheel Cliftonville for 5yrs a DFL paid full asking without viewing… Probs it seems nice after Croydon. Enjoy.🤔

  2. And the very next story I read..
    Two arrested after reports of assault and man armed with machete in Cliftonville.

    • Yep, word on the street is they were looking for some bloke in a red boiler suit who was waving big bundles of Dosh (or P’s if you’re younger) about.

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