HRH The Princess Royal to visit Royal Harbour Academy students and staff today

Royal Harbour Academy (upper site)

Students at Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate are awaiting a special visit today (September 30) from HRH The Princess Royal.

The Princess Royal will be arriving by helicopter at the school before meeting with students and staff, The visit means the upper site of RHA will be locked down until early afternoon.

It is understood the visit will involve speaking to students and staff about their experiences of schooling during the pandemic.

An RHA message says: “Staff and students at the Royal Harbour Academy eagerly await the arrival of The Princess Royal, who will be arriving by helicopter and meeting with some of our students and staff later today.”

The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) holds patronage in over 300 organisations, including WISE, Riders for Health, and Carers Trust. Her charity work revolves around sport, sciences, people with disabilities, and health in developing countries. She has been associated with Save the Children for over fifty years and has visited a number of their projects; her work resulted in her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.


  1. Lovely to see the Royals haven’t forgotten where Thanet is. The Royal Harbour Academy is a good example of a Thanet school, it is largely improved on the old days.

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  2. They were supposed to be sending Andrews, but he’s already booked in at Pizza Express that day. The students are audibly relieved.

    • RHA wasn’t supposed to be called Royal Harbour, so they came today the make it official due to them not being qualified to be called Royal until a real Royal Family member visits, so congrats on RHA.

  3. I go there currently and I saw the helicopter and all that stuff, I joined a couple months ago from Charles Dickens, i’ve been to three different secondary schools and this is by far the best, the studies are a bit rude to the teachers I cannot lie, but other than that it’s an amazing school now.

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