Disruptive closure at College Road due to come to an end

Road closure

Roadworks that have caused some disruption in Margate are due to come to an end tomorrow (September 22)

Residents in Connaught Road say their street is being used as a rat run because of a closure for works in College Road.

A section of the busy road is shut for works by Southern Water to repair a leak under the carriageway but residents say motorists have been ignoring the road closed signs and mounting the path or cutting through Connaught Road.

One resident said: “You have cars coming to a stop in the middle of the road. I have seen three fights because of it. At the weekend there wasn’t even any work taking place. It scandalous to shut it off without even notifying residents.”

Some motorists say the closure has not been signed clearly, leading to confusion. The road is en-route to three primary schools.

The works are due to finish by midnight tomorrow (September 22). The alternative route is via A255 St Peters Road, A254 Ramsgate Road, B2052 College Road and vice versa.


  1. Would not have been so disruptive if they had suspended parking on St peters Rd, but of course that was to easy,I have avoided that area since getting caught up in it last week

  2. 2 attempts to fix, why can’t they dig up, fix and finish in 1 like they use to. Instead we have days of nothing happening, somes up this country

  3. Traffic regulations should force the services to finish work as soon as possible when on a main or busy route such as this, so night time working and weekends to get the road open again. KCC Highways are responsible to make sure the road is reopened quickly. They are a bit lax in Thanet though and with their diversion and road closed signage, and they are very poor with checking signs are still in place each morning.

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