Invite to St Lawrence College open days

St Lawrence College open days

St Lawrence College in Ramsgate will open its doors and allow families to visit safely once again after over a year of virtual tours.

Open Mornings give parents, guardians and children the opportunity to meet the St Lawrence College community and see what they have to offer.

Director of Marketing, Admissions & Development at St Lawrence College, Emma Taker said: “While virtual tours were very effective and allowed many people to attend remotely and get a feel for St Lawrence College, nothing can compare to physically being in the school and being able to speak face to face with teachers, staff and pupils. We cannot wait to welcome families here.”

There is a Junior School Open Morning on Friday 1st October and a Senior School Open Morning on Saturday 2nd October.

On both Friday and Saturday, lessons, sports and activities will be taking place as usual, so people can really immerse themselves in school life and get a snapshot of a typical school day. As well as seeing the grounds, visitors will be able to chat to staff, watch the teachers in action and meet our pupils. There will also be refreshments available and a chance to talk with the Head of the School, Barney Durrant and Head of Junior School, Ellen Rowe.

Spaces for the Open Mornings are on a first come first served basis, so book to secure your place. There are time slots for every attending family.

Junior open day is October 1, 9am until noon. Seniors is October 2, 10am to 2pm. Call 01843 808080 or go to


  1. One of the finest places of education in the U.K. We are very lucky to have such an establishment In Ramsgate.
    What a pity that all our schools cannot be of the same standard and environment all the staff – cleaners -house keepers gardening- Maintenance teams – and teachers are excellent.
    No child could have a better start in life.

  2. It is a good school but it’s far from perfect, I wouldn’t be holding it up as an example to other schools. Staff morale is low and they lose talent because they don’t value or look after them. We are lucky in Thanet to have a choice of schools, all with their own merits and areas of excellence.

  3. Credit due – it’s a fantastic school with exceptional grounds and facilities. Our son made many lifelong friends here and we regularly catch up with other parents we met while he was there

  4. Blatant advertising, mediocre staff who really aren’t the greatest at their jobs. I say this with 8 years experience as a parent.

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