Cannabis plants seized from commercial unit in Minster

Plants discovered in Minster Image Kent Police

More than 100 cannabis plants have been seized from a commercial unit in Minster.

Yesterday (September 13) officers from the Thanet Multi-agency Task Force (Thanet MTF) attended the premises in Telegraph Hill following a report of suspicious activity in the area.

Inside the unit, an internal structure was found which housed 102 young cannabis plants, growing equipment and living accommodation.

A 37-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and possessing articles for the purposes of fraud.

He remains in custody while enquiries continue.

PC Steve England from Thanet MTF said: “We continue to ask residents to be our eyes and ears for any suspicious behaviour in the communities they live and work in.

“The information provided is crucial in our work to keep Thanet safe. There is no place for illegal drug-related activity in this district.”


  1. There may be no place for illegal drug activities in this district, but it is along with many other working practices, unfortunately, a necessary part of the black economy.

    Homegrown as a cottage industry along with cauliflowers and potatoes is by far preferable to the illegal importation of resin and worse drugs like cocaine, heroin and the rest.

    Cannabis should be legalised.

    • Yeah, I mean if only there was an alternative to busting low level dealers & locking them up, while they are replaced in a matter of hours by others & ending the exploitation of primarily Asians who are bullied, beaten & held hostage in these places to take the fall when the cops eventually turn up & actually do something to hurt the people making money off of these operations.

      Oh yes, the government could legalise drugs, make them safe from the harmful cutting agents used by scummy manufacturers & dealers to make more profit, tax them & have them sold by medical experts as used to happen-but despite them being less harmful than booze & fags & that your doctor can write you out prescriptions for heroin & get you hooked on those legal drugs for decades. Much better to keep doing the same old thing that has never worked.

  2. Home-grown is not a lovely cottage industry at all. bred for potency it is quite capable of inducing a psychotic episode in those vulnerable to it.

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