Woman swims 1.5 miles to shore after going overboard vessel off Broadstairs

Ramsgate RNLI all-weather boat Photo Mark Stanford

A woman who fell overboard from a small cabin cruiser at anchor off Broadstairs managed to swim 1.5 miles to shore.

Ramsgate RNLI received a call out at 6.18am yesterday (September 9), launching both lifeboats at the request of UK Coastguard.

As crews were en-route to the scene a report came in that the missing person had managed to swim the 1.5 miles ashore, wake a friend and talk to the Coastguard, informing them that she was safe and that there was one other person aboard the vessel who had requested assistance by VHF.

In the meantime the Inshore boat had reached the yacht and put a crew member ashore to speak to the remaining person on the boat when the message came through that she was safely ashore, much to the relief of her partner.

The all weather was stood down and the decision was made for the Inshore to escort the boat back to Ramsgate Harbour as the remaining person onboard was in need of support and had requested assistance by VHF radio.

An RNLI Ramsgate spokesperson said: “Thankfully the weather was kind with calm seas, otherwise the outcome could have been very different.

“Our volunteer crew are ready to launch at all hours of the day and night and the RNLI rely entirely on voluntary donations.”


  1. She was lucky not to be any further out at sea. I hate to imagine if the lifeboats were out dealing with migrants.

  2. Your most unpleasant and racist comments are ill thought out.
    There is more than one lifeboat. Between Dover and Margate there are 4 lifeboat stations and half a dozen lifeboats.
    The RNLI is organized and coordinated. Were there to be more than 1 incident, more than one boat would be tasked. If (in the most unlikely event) all the boats were currently tasked, and a new shout came in, then a boat on a less serious callout would be retasked to a more urgent one, if required.

    How sad a person you must be, that you keep on posting this racist material.

    • How is that a racist comment you silly woman. What is more sad is someone who is mature as yourself classes that kind of thing as racist.

      I think you know the point they were trying to make is that the RNLI have been assisting in illegal crossings (I know their hands are tied on that). And although it was a mischievous comment it was not racist. If anything you have been more offensive accusing them of that.

      • It is absurd to suggest that the RNLI has been involved in illegal activities.
        Of course it’s a racist comment.
        I imagine you’re in the same boat as Kent Resident.

        • I have to congratulate you on that superb pun first of all.

          Your overreacting though. Telling someone they are racist and saying I’m the same? Shameful behaviour. As I said the RNLI hands are tied, and I was just pointing out that the original comment was probably a dig at the fact that they are inadvertently assisting with something that is illegal when they should be saving lives of people who are genuinely in trouble.

          Of course that isn’t the case as you pointed out they have a few boats so that doesn’t come into it, so the comment was wrong in that sense, but not racist. Ridiculous that I have to explain this to you.

          • I should think people trying to cross the Channel in an overcrowded dinghy- often in very bad weather, which we’ve had in the past fortnight- are “genuinely in trouble”.

  3. Hear hear. The lifeboat is here for everyone in trouble. It takes a lot of courage to cross the English channel not knowing if you’re even going to make it to dry land. People should be a bit more understanding and tolerant of the poor people making a effort to be free from discrimination.
    The RNLI do a fantastic job and if your need them they will come. Just dial 999 and ask.
    Thankfully the woman made it back safely and fair play to her for being a good swimmer.

  4. Well done her. I was on a boat trip yesterday visiting the WW2 forts, and I don’t think I would’ve lasted 2 minutes if I’d fallen in!

  5. The lifeboats do a fantastic job, saving anyone in trouble. The poor people trying to cross the channel don’t even know if they will make the crossing. How would you feel if it was your family having to make in across the channel.? If we all had to get off this island would you be brave enough to try.

  6. @ Marva Well you’ve presented the worst possible scenario to strengthen your point. No need I agree. But they dont attempt it in very bad weather though do they, they are not stupid. Risks are the weather can turn or their craft is faulty. Most of the crossings are made in good weather successfully. RNLI cannot take a chance on that so if they see a craft full of migrants they will help, and they should. For the last time – I WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO THE OTHER LADY WHAT THE ORIGINAL COMMENT MEANT, as she was accusing the person of being racist.

    I suggest if you both think there is any racism going on here that you present all these comments to the police.

  7. There’s a disgusting amount of racism being shamelessly presented to readers of this paper in the comments of a number of writers.

    • That is disgusting, they should be reported. I personally dont think the original post is a racist comment, not 100% sure you do either, but as I said, inform the police.

        • You know what to do. Make sure you update on what happens. I dont mean getting a crime number, anyone can do that, I could create a crime number online for somebody wearing a hat, I mean what the police do will be interesting to hear update.

        • Its a strange one because I thought they had to have a light on their boat at night anchored or not. Unless they were not actually anchored at that moment and boat was drifting too quickly, and being experienced she knew it was pointless trying to swim to it.

  8. @Marva I was just trying to say how easy it is to get a crime number, you can literally write anything in the description, obviously you’d get a slapped wrist for reporting someone for wearing a hat!

    I thought you felt strongly enough to report it so I meant that gaining a crime ref number is easy and means nothing, its the police response which I wanted an update on.

    If they say the comment made by that person was racist I will accept that, remember it, and try and get my head around it so I can see your point of view. But your not bothering so doesn’t matter.

  9. You have concisely written what has already been said from the second comment onwards. Read through the comments again otherwise going round in circles. Not my initial remark either.

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