Former waiter and supervisor branches out to open new takeaway restaurant in Margate

Bayleaf takeaway is now open

A money off offer for NHS workers and ‘blue light’ card holders is marking the opening of a new Indian takeaway in Margate.

Owner Bayezid Hossain Bay will give all those eligible 30% off their orders for the next four weeks to celebrate the opening of  Bayleaf Indian Curry House in Ramsgate Road.

Bayezid, who lives in Broadstairs, has branched out on his own after working as a waiter at the Tamarind restaurant which was in Albion Street and then, between 2015-2019, as a supervisor at Prezzo restaurant.

He said of his Indian/Bangladeshi menu:  “We make our food in the authentic way and with love.”

The takeaway- at the former Flaming Wok premises – is at 64 Ramsgate Road.

Find it online here


  1. Why is it that our seafront cafes from Minnis Bay to Pegwell have poor service, poor standards of hygiene, poor organisation. They have missed an opportunity this year to improve the facilities, West Bay for example look inside it needs a complete revamp, the floor and furnishings are past the sell by date. Get prepared for winter give us nice places to have our coffee, other countries in cold climates can do it make an effort

        • One of the best-looking Cafes is in Westgate (not the one you mentioned), but the staff are notoriously rude and obnoxious so I refuse to use it. I much prefer rough ‘n’ ready but friendly places with basic but good food. A real favourite is the Cafe on the Square in Birchington, a fantastic place that makes you very welcome.

    • I agree with you entirely! There are exceptions to this though. Some Cafe’s are very good. But many others are really not up to today’s expectations and standards.

  2. My feeling is many places try and be “Trendy” and know how to charge for it too ,and the food and service take second place !
    Just give me edible food , friendly staff and cleanliness at a non exorbitant price !

  3. All this money off for NHS staff trying to make yourself look like do gooders for a bunch of people who dont need the help is starting to get a bit boring now. People much more in need than them

  4. Beware if cafes or shops offer discounts to NHS staff / police / firefighters they are hiking the prices up for all other customers who are not in one of those groups to cover their discounts. Avoid, go elsewhere where the prices are fair to all. All those groups are paid a wage in the work they do they don’t need handouts.

  5. I walked by a certain cafe on the prom yesterday, the tables and chairs are filthy , and covered in leftovers the ground around the area is stained by spillage and there was more litter than in the bins, I hope the owner gets to grips before I complain to the local council. It is an embarrassing dump for Westgate

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