Hot Fuzz actor Simon Pegg to feature at creative careers fair at Dreamland

Dreamland Photo Frank Leppard

Young people can hear from actor Simon Pegg at a careers fair at Dreamland this week which focuses on jobs in the creative industries.

The event features the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actor alongside speakers from some of the world’s leading creative agencies and production companies. Bladerunner and Alien director Ridley Scott’s Creative Group will be represented, alongside special effects company The Mill, ITV Creative and Turner Contemporary.

The UK Creative Festival takes place at Dreamland over three days (September 8th,9th,10th), and will celebrate the best of the UK creative industries with a programme of talks, workshops, panels and social events designed to connect, educate, and inspire.

With an aim of increasing the diversity of the creative industries, a free-to-access careers fair sits alongside the £350-a-ticket festival or £650 for festival and awards. The free careers fair, for those aged 16-24, will promote the creative industries to aspiring young participants and hopes to encourage them to take their first steps into their careers.

The creative industries include music, games, film, TV, theatre, and the arts. A 2019 study carried out in East Kent by Dan Thompson Studio found that while all young people were using creative tools and many had high levels of skills, very few made the connection between these and future jobs.

The UK Creative Festival will also host the annual Creative Circle Awards, as the UK’s oldest advertising awards body celebrates their 76th anniversary with the first ever awards outside London.

For more details about the UK Creative Festival, and to book tickets or secure free entry to the careers fair, visit


  1. i wonder how many people actualy make it to hollywood ? seems like a load of old nonsense to me , young people need life and career skills – not a crash course in turning into christopher biggins !!!

  2. If you don’t aim big you’ll never get anywhere. Tracy Emin made a great life through art, Orlando Bloom was a posh lad from Canterbury. Even if you don’t make it big, getting by doing something creative’s gotta be better than flipping burgers or pushing paper around. Would be great to hear from creative people who have done well.

  3. Bit negative, realist? The article says the event is designed to ‘connect, educate and inspire’, all extremely positive targets. Its not about getting to Hollywood, its about building ambition and opening young eyes to opportunities and possibilities. I don’t think you’re the target audience anyway.

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