Three drug dealing arrests made in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Three arrests have been made in connection with drug dealing in Ramsgate.

Yesterday (September 2), officers from the Thanet Community Policing Team stopped two men in Harbour Street as part of their enquiries into the supply of controlled substances in the area.

Around 15 wraps of Class A drugs were recovered, along with cash and a grinder containing cannabis.

The two men from Ramsgate, aged 27 and 21, were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Later on the same day, a warrant was carried out at a property by officers in Sussex Street, Ramsgate, where more Class A drugs were seized along with deal bags, cutting agents and a quantity of cash.

A 36-year-old woman from Ramsgate was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in supplying a controlled drug.

All detainees have been released under investigation.


  1. Excellent arrests.
    The police chiefs will tell you that they are more concerned with arresting the men at the top of the criminal food chain however it’s the scum like these three arrested today who are ruining the lives of local people. It’s time to start arresting the runners and low level criminals who are the ones making peoples lives a misery. The local pushers are the ones that need to be locked up. It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to the local scum and start prosecuting. So what if their lives are ruined by criminal prosecutions, these are the real people ruining lives not some mr big in London or further afield. Criminals are scum, they ruin other peoples lives and need to be held accountable for their crimes.

    • On the contrary, as has been shown for decades they target the easy collars to project the tough on drugs/crime mantra-especially near re-election time. The reality always has & always will be that these people are a dime a dozen-you take them off the streets & within hours they have been replaced by others. These people themselves are usually addicts themselves & doing it to feed their own habit, or vulnerable people pressured/roped into it.

      The Mr Big’s running these operations overall-delegating them to middle men & underlings are the ones raking in millions off of this, not these nickel & dime merchants. Of course the cops don’t go after them because it is too difficult & time consuming. The answer-legalise drugs like they were when doctors prescribed them before the media panic & your doctor now will be happy to write you a prescription for Heroin if you say you have back pain, you make the drugs safe-rather than being cut with lethal substances as is happening now, you make money via taxation as is done with legal drugs such as alcohol & tobacco-both of which are more dangerous than the majority of illegal drugs & invest properly in facilities to help people kick their habits.

      • More or less totally agree with you. The police hardly ever catch the people who are targeting the weak vulnerable addicts that are running the drugs out to the customer for a pittance. Its mostly always the runners that are caught as they are the ones that are made to take all the risks then end up getting 4 or 5 years while the guy above them just replaces them withing an hour. So nothing changes. It’s a joke. The addicts need fast real help .

  2. Much of these low life’s are forced into running for the Mr Big gangster in London though so they need to be concentrating on them as without them the low life’s won’t have anything to do, so not making our lives a misery. Yes, they are a nuisance and a pain in the backside but the suppliers are making that happen. Stop the cause and you stop the running.
    Well done Kent Police, keep this going and don’t forget the Mr big suppliers!

    • All the while the police are ignoring the low level drug dealers all you are doing is encouraging them to comment more crime, sell more drugs to teenagers still in school , encouraging more theft and petty crime to pay for the drugs, raising levels of antisocial behaviour and creating a repeating cycle with more of the teenage junkies attracted by the easy money with no obvious deterrent.

      Unfortunately I know a lot of these low level drug dealers and they genuinely are not bothered by the police. They know the CPS will do everything in their power to keep them out of prison. Community sentencing is not a deterrent and allowing low level criminals to continue their illegal activities by ignoring their crimes only fuels the fire of the criminals.

      • And where do you think they get the stuff to sell from? You cut the head off the snake it dies, locking up non-entities who get replaced immediately never has & never will be an answer, you cannot arrest your way out of this. Legalisation is the only answer.

  3. The smell of cannabis is very strong in Ramsgate town, but we do have a resident smoker/dealer that will make himself a joint wherever he is, on the ledge outside Lloyds bank, in the phone box in York street, & even sat on the bench outside kfc, he doesn’t give a damn. It stinks. Most days I walk from Broadstairs to Ramsgate at 10pm when shift over & at that time of night it’s very pungent in the air from anywhere. It’s an unmistakable smell that’s for sure.

    • Polite warning Maria keep out of the phone box , you can get “high” just with the smell of it.
      Luv Scottie .
      He says thank you for the quilt , Hows L ?

  4. Sorry I do not agree with taking the small ones off , they will only be replaced with others in a very short time. My uncle is in the force high up , they watch the small time dealers to catch the big boys , taking hundreds off the streets. It is not nice for local people to put up with but believe me there is more behind what one sees .

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