Child flown to hospital for face injuries after being bitten by dog in Ramsgate

The child was flown to hospital

Kent Police and the air ambulance were called to Ramsgate today (September 3) to a report of a child suffering face injuries after being bitten by a dog.

The air ambulance landed at Coleman’s field this morning to attend the child who was injured in Whitehall Road. The child was flown to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 8.39am on Friday 3 September to reports a child had been bitten by a dog in Whitehall Road, Ramsgate.

“The child has been taken to hospital via air ambulance to be treated for injuries to their face. Officers are at the scene and enquiries are on going.”

South East Coast Ambulance Service confirmed its crews had attended the scene.


  1. shoot the dog in front of the owner – then shoot the prat that owns it ! i dont suppose we need to guess what type of dog it was ?

    • Don’t judge the breeds it’s the bloody owners that have taught them, besides along with us you don’t know the full story on the dogs history ( could be a rescue) or what the child was doing to the dog. Don’t be so damn judgemental when you are just assuming & clutching at straws 😡

    • How do you know the child wasn’t physically harming the dog ?How do you know the child hadn’t just kicked, punched or pulled the dogs tail for no reason ? How do you know the child was innocent ? I don’t think it’s worth making assumptions when you don’t know the facts.

      Hopefully the child is OK, but unless you know the facts it’s probably best to keep your opinion to yourself.

  2. Hope the child makes a speedy recovery,really do. tbh everyday its possible to see dog’s being exercised in public areas without any human beings in control.

    Dog walkers/owners know the revelant law’s but often forget to consider the law’s.

    Keep to the law=keep your dog !

  3. Being the owner of numerous dogs in the past It has always amazed me how parents let their children run up to dogs without asking if it’s safe to stroke the dog.,before shooting the dog, educate the people.

  4. I know of some people who have 4 large muscular dogs they keep confined in their 2 bed semi detached bungalow without any mental or physical stimulation from one day to the next! I reported this to the police and the RSPCA, who took no action, despite this form of treatment being contrary to the Animal Welfare Act! The reason no action was taken? The RSPCA as a charity, are not obliged to enforce the law, and are prioritising providing evidence to the police for prosecuting offenders, due to reduced resources.

    The Police depend on a charity to provide the evidence, but if no evidence is made available to them, they won’t take action! This means the law isn’t being upheld by the police, and animal ill treatment is taking place nationally with impunity! Last April a woman was savaged to death near Birmingham, when her neighbours 2 dogs escaped by digging under a fence. The dogs were kept in a garden shed, and only allowed out to defecate during the day! In a BBC Online article dated 16th August two women were seriously injured by their dog when they tried to intervene after the dog attacked the son of one of the women! Another woman then attacked the dog with a knife, to stop it! The dog had to be put down”. The fact is the police depend on a charity to uphold the Animal Welfare Act, but the RSPCA are not a Statutory Agency, and can pick and choose what cases they want to prosecute. Isn’t it time there was a Statutory Animal Welfare Agency, as it palpably wrong the law depends on a charity to enforce it?


  5. In more enlightened boroughs, dogs must be kept under control on a short leash in public spaces.
    Quite right, too.
    But we don’t know where this happened. It could have happened in the dog’s owner’s house, or the child’s parent’s house.
    The bottom line is that dogs are basically domesticated wolves, and anything could trigger a savage response.
    All too often we read of tragic events where a person, a child, has been seriously injured or worse in a dog attack.

  6. a dog has a life span of say 13 years – that poor child has got that trauma and scarring for life – and it appears an eye for eye applies then , if a child pulls a dogs tail , then the dog can rip his face to shreds , you people that treat dogs as if they are human amaze me , the poxy things are decended from wolves , and very soon revert to it !

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