Properties in Broadstairs and Ramsgate will have water supply returned in ‘next few hours’

Water supply

Southern Water says customer in parts of Broadstairs and Ramsgate who have been without water today (September 3) will see supply return over the ‘next few hours.’

The water company said the lack of supply was caused by an electrical fault at a supply works.

The lack of supply resulted in children’s play business Under 1 Roof Thanet shutting for a second time in just days.

Upton Junior School also issued a call for children to be picked up due to the health and safety issues caused by the lack of water.

Michaela Lewis, Executive Head Teacher of Viking Academy Trust that includes Upton Junior School, said: “Regrettably Upton Junior School has been affected by the water pressure situation in the town.

“We acted swiftly and responsibly to ascertain the impact in our school community and how it affected our children.

“Having completed a hygiene risk assessment we decided that the school would close early today and parents were asked to collect their children.

“Work to cover missed classes has been set online so that our girls and boys will not miss today’s learning schedule.”

Ramsgate Holy Trinity Primary School also had to close because of the water supply issue.

A Southern Water statement says power has now been restored to the affected site, adding: “We’ve successfully restored power to the site affecting water supplies to parts of Broadstairs and Ramsgate, Kent this morning and are bring an additional generator and water tankers to increase resilience.

“We will gradually be bringing customers back into supply as we restart systems and recharge our network. Water should start to be back on in the next few hours.

“We’ll continue to deliver bottled water to vulnerable customers until we’re sure supplies are back to normal. If you, or someone you know needs extra support, call us on: 0330 303 0368.

“We’re really sorry for the disruption this has caused.”

Residents and businesses were last left without water on August 28, following a power cut, That lack of supply resulted in the closure of businesses including Under 1 Roof Thanet in Pysons Road and Subway and Greggs, as well as the public toilets, at Westwood Cross.


Southern Water says: “All customers in the #CT10 and #CT12 areas in Broadstairs and Ramsgate should now be back in supply.
“There may be low pressure or discolouration at first, but this is normal as we recharge the network and you should continue to run taps until the water runs clear.
We apologise for any disruption this supply issue has caused. As always, we’ll carry out a thorough review of this incident in order to improve our response for customers.
As promised, we’ll continue deliveries of bottled water into the weekend for all those customers who have registered on our Priority Services Register.”


  1. All this after the disgraceful publicity they’ve had regarding the sea water, bringing in huge fines, on top of that our water bills have just gone up. Like the gas and electricity suppliers, they need competition.

  2. A Southern Sewage spokesperson said-one tap not working is one too many & once again we say sorry, even though we don’t mean it. It has sadly distracted us from our mission of dumping as much fecal matter into the local rivers, streams & beaches as is possible to save a few quid.

    • Schools shouldn’t open without water – especially at a time hygiene and hand washing is so important. Kitchens cannot operate without water. How do the students get hydration? Water supplies are vital – full stop – not just for schools.

  3. Southern Water has been going downhill over the last decade or so but this year has seen a service that is below all standards. It needs to be taken back into public ownership to remove all this profiteering for shareholders attitude above service for all users. We should be having a huge rebate for all the issues not having increases in price paid for this poor service. What are the MP’s doing about this? I can guess, very little to nothing most likely!

    • The two Members of Parliament for the Thanet sink estate don’t even reside in Thanet ( or, I assume this is so) so what do they care.
      Westwood and environs has taken the brunt of the development the past 20 years, and the upcoming housing developments will undoubtedly tax the infrastructure even more than it is now.

  4. did they blame a strike of lightening ?

    Opps, sorry they have used thar excuse recently but it will come around again.

    They sw are becomming a company where their payers (who have no alternative) will just point and laugh at them

  5. Plenty of water in Ramsgate CT11 postal area, there has been millions of litres of water from a broken water main in Boundary Road, at the junction with Chatham Place for over a month now, despite my reporting it to SWA, water is still streaming down the road, Duuurh!

  6. Sorry, sorry repeated sorrys when will we see action SW stop paying your executives saleries that they do not deserve and certainly not any bonuses, Bonuses are paid for doing your job well .

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